Winning strategy of Jackma

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winning strategy of jackma

Hi guys today I am going to introduce you JACKMA as you know he is one of the business magnet in the world . He is the founder of Ali Baba , doing  many business wonders in the world , born in 1964 in china .

According to march 2018 his net worth where 42.4 billion dollar when he sold the ipo in stock exchange. In 2014 September he got 25 billion dollar , it is  recorded as one of the biggest collection record in the world.

 Ok these are the some introduction  about JACKMA let’s put  one step more .In this post I am going to tell you the four winning strategy of jackma let’s see what they are of.


  1. Failures Inspires

Jackma believes that failures provoke us if you see the failure in the right sense that is either failure is lesson to one or an opportunity to become or get  some other things. This is one of the attitude of very successful persons in the world . They see a opportunity in every adversity. That’s their perceptions about the world , always see through on positive angle.


He is very ambitious and hardworking person who never bow down against failures. In his youth he was rejected 30 times for a job but he never give up and continues on.




 when the KFC  company came up in the business world they interviewed 24 people for their company , out of 24 candidate they selected 23 candidate and one is rejected  , the rejected one is none other than one and only the one our jackma.


Besides this he was rejected 10 times for the admission in Harvard Business school. He is one of the exemplar for the generation all the time . Jackma says it doesn’t  matter how many times you failed or rejected just get up and keep going never knee down against failures.


Now a days our youth got frustrate after their 2,3 rejections and feel frustrated. Here jackma teach us take the failure as a challenge to win in future. So you have to believe that nothing will hold you back until you feel failure.


Jackma says see failure as a experience you need to make big shot in future. when you fail in your first attempt think that you have not got enough experience and knowledge to go ahead . Like this think in every failed experience on your life.


Think no one is learned every thing from mother’s womb . And no one is born as genius every thing (s)he  got achieved in this life only through her / his passion ,practice and persistence. For example there are many well known and extraordinary scientists / artists / sportsman / Doctors / Engineers etc in this world . And see their children’s did they become well known as his / her parents in their respective field   , No  But scientifically DNA are same .



  1. Opportunity seeking

Jackma teach us wherever there is a opportunity lies make the most of it that is seek the opportunity and pull out the maximum  from it.



For example when the rise of the internet in 1995 he saw the possibility of the internet and went to America to learn the internet. While studying in America about internet he get notice  that there is no website from china this leads him to start yellow pages company for china with the support from his loving wife and his close friends.


And it end in big success , so as I said above see  positive side  or  seek opportunity in every adversity . And make it as habit in your life so that your future will glows ahead.


  1. Act quickly

Most of the people didn’t saw the possibilities and opportunities lies  in a technology \ failures \ event \ action ahead . Instead they waste their time thinking  and weighing it’s pros and cons and take action unwisely that is why they didn’t succeed in their life .


Think wisely and take decision on facts not on assumptions and act quickly. Most of the people didn’t take any initiative to do any thing in their life instead they criticize or make excuses every time. Remember “ a thousand miles of journey starts on single step”.


In the case Jackma when he see a possibility or opportunity he will not wait for long and  will act quickly , it is regarded as is one of the quality of the Jackma. For example as I said about internet above he went to America to study about internet because he see the possibilities and opportunity of the internet.


In 1999 he started Business to Business website with the support from his 18 friends called . In the beginning it was not successful but later they got into the right track of success  by facing many challenges .


  1. Return to the society

He is also generous for the charity work , he teach us what he earned from the business give some part of it to the welfare of the society like many business magnets  such as bill gates , warren buffet , Elon musk etc does.


It is the small amount from china who contribute to the welfare of the society so Jackma from china contribute 2.4 billion dollar for charity service it is only the 0.3% of his total net worth thus he teach us return to the society.


 Through this charity work humanity and kindness will arise in human minds which provoke every one to love each other , and eventually one’s greed dies so that people’s tends to live in harmonious . 


You know greed is one of the powerful weapon which the terrorist provoke people to do their work , for this they a got a huge amount . Here this all happens on greed . Remember greed is a one of the path to hell.



Hope you enjoy this posts , please do share among your friends so that I get motivate to write more posts on  upcoming days.


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