Two Hidden Enemies we don’t know

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Hi guys welcome back to my another blog post which tells about emotional hijacking  and  how to avoid them to completely but slowly  so that your life become more meaning full. As you know there are certain number of  emotions haunts us depending upon our mental state .


 That is why it is well said that happiness is the state of the mind that one feels happy . For example in a anger we do something thoughtlessly and later we regret /  pay or suffer  for it . Not only it affect on single emotion but on different emotions such as anger , stress , depression , sad ,Romance, obsessions ,pleasant ,empathy ,love, hate ,disgust, selfishness, sympathy ,anxious, jealous and fear .


Your emotions are not always reliable, and generally they influence you to reach decisions regardless of facts. Before being influenced too far by your emotions, give your reasoning faculty (your “head”) a chance to pass judgment on the business at hand, whatever it may be. The head is always more dependable than the emotions (the “heart”). The person who forgets this generally lives to regret his neglect.


The emotions of love and sex. Either of these emotions may easily override facts and render the faculty of reason useless. Don’t let them do it!.


From the polarity nature of law every coin has two sides for example for a day there is a night ,that is why our life is filled of many ups and downs  .  


And how long these  pleasant moments  or depression stays in your life mostly depend on your current actions . That is why elders says “ action speaks louder than words”, live in present and take action mindfully .


We can categorize our emotions in two forms that is Positive hijacks and negative hijacks . You can get know more about what are the positive hijack  and negative hijack from the following picture.


 And the intensity of it’s expression varies from individual to individual. Do you know every emotion release a hormone particular to that emotions . For example when we are in happy mood dopamine hormone release in our body .


 I am talking about to  hormones in our body because some hormone boosts our immune system while some not. For example when we fear adrenaline  hormone got release which will menace to our immunity. Like wise the hormone dopamine  gives us pleasure  while consuming drugs .


 when these hormones release in our body it will not last whole day or week but short period of time. Now let’s talk about little bit about our brain . Our brain consists of two parts such as (1) Reactive  Brain – Conscious selves (2) Thinking brain – Self destructive behaviour.


I know most of the people subject to the victim  of reactive brain rather than thinking brain in many critical situations their  life . That is why it will affect us negatively most of the time  because  our thinking brain in sleeping state so that we can’t see the pros and cons of our reactions.


But some peoples will not learn from their past mistakes so they repeat the same  negative actions so that they get same negative results.


Emotional  Hijacking means whenever our emotions override our mind either one will react thoughtlessly or thought fully that is An emotional hijack refers to a situation in which the amygdala, the part of the brain that serves as our emotional processor, hijacks or bypasses your normal reasoning process.


. In other words one who performs thoughtlessly in their peak of the  emotions is called Emtional Hijacking , that is our emotions hijack us to do thoughtlessly .


 For example some you  of heard about the story of David and Golieath in which david made victory over Golieth through his thinking brain.  Take another example have you ever heard about the great scholar ever lived in india , it’s none other than our great chanakya .


Born in 4th century B.C. in India, Chanakya was also known as Vishnugupta and Kautilya. Through the centuries, scholars have described Chanakya as a rare mastermind who became an expert in varied and specialised fields like management, economics, politics, law, leadership, governance, warfare, military tactics, accounting systems, and several others.


 The 6000 sutras have been classified into 15 books, 150 chapters, and 180 topics by Chanakya himself. He was responsible for bringing down the Nanda dynasty and establishing his able student Chandragupta Maurya on the throne as the Emperor.


Hence, he is called a ‘Kingmaker’. He is also credited with masterminding the defeat of Alexander in India who was on his march to conquer the world.As a political thinker, he was the first to visualise the concept of a ‘nation’ for the first time in human history.


During his time, India was split into various kingdoms. He brought them all together under one central governance, thus creating a nation called ‘Aryavartha’, which later became India.


He documented his lifelong work in his book Kautilya’s Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti.



Generation after generation, his secrets on good governance have been used by various kings. Millennia have passed and still chanakya continues to inspire us. These are the some introduction about chanakya  what I want say is in any curcumstances he always use his thinking brain so that he will step the path of success to success.


 If you want to know more about him read the following book at least three times so that your life become more bright full can make you able to take any decisions in any circumstances thoughtfully which will lead to the path of success .



 Ok guys these are some introductions about emotional hijacking let’s see what are counter measures one should adopt to avoid our emotional hijacking .



  • Moderation

The first step to avoid emotional hijacking is tofFollow the rule of  moderation that is keep a limit and accounts in every thing you do or give . For example some likes chicken fry , ice cream , chocolates , frie rices , watching movies , playing games  like this  goes on .


Whatever you like keep a limit on it suppose you like chicken what will happen if you consume more  chicken in a day. Definitely you may subject to any stomach problem or any harmful diseases which may cause your overall  health.


  Like this when you give pocket money or credit card to your kids keep an eye on it and make it accountable so that your kids get know the value of money . Suppose  if you have the habit of reading then read daily certain number pages so that you can keep your limits , let’s say if you limit  thirty pages daily and work on it then increase 10 pages by each month  so that you will not feel more eye strain.


 Make a time block on your daily routines so that you can do some other useful things  on remaining times. Keep in mind overindulging our senses leads to addiction , frustration and disease. So it is always better do or consume  everything in moderation , but don’t ever consume drugs in moderation because repeated actions leads to either good or bad habits depending on what you do .

 Remember “let not thy winged days spent in vain , once  gone , no gold can buy them back. “


  • Relaxation Exercises or pranayama

what I mean relaxation exercise is doing pranayama  . It is a kind of yoga in which we practice to control our breath . whenever we subject to any  emotion our normal breathing rates shoots  up so that this exercise will help to keep your breath  in control to certain extent . if you make this as habit then it will pay more dividend in future.


If you want to know more about this pranayama yoga  then  the following book will help you very much. I am also following  this exercise by few months so that I feel undisturbed on any emotion to certain extent.


 If you practice through out your lifem then it will create you man of peacemaker but you should have to avoid eating any Non veg foods .


  • Foods

Now you think what is the role of our foods in our emotional hijacking  . Yes some foods make us more violant in destructive form than ever before . For example if we eat beef we will subject  either to sexual feelings or feels more anger . So avoid these types of food , you can find more this types of food on net but be cautious while googling .

  • Avoid Drugs

Majority of the peoples may subject to the use of drugs . Most of the drugs elevate our emotions for temporarily so that one do many things thoughtlessly .You can see many crime and accident happens on our surrounding and we get know by media . Have you ever thought why does this happens or what’s motive behind it .


But it is sure  the main thing behind majority of the  crimes and accidents happens due to  either any type of drug addiction or done on any emotional hijacking. That is why  driving under alcohol  in any country  is forbidden  and punishable law .  


Remember using drug addiction leads to the path of ruination. Remember always love your god gifted body and take strong affirmation that don’t do any harm to your body.


  • Meditation

As you know a car itself cannot move because according to law of inertia a body continues in a state of station  unless an external force act on it . So if you want move the car you have drive it carefully  so that it move in the direction as you like.  Here the driver decide in which way his / her car will needs to go . Just like our mind is the driver of our body.


Do you know the fact our mind is something resembles to monkey . What  monkey does climbing eating and jumping from tree to trees . Like this our mind wanders from subject to subjects , thoughts to thougths .


Meditation helps to keep your mind in calm and cool state but you  will not achieve this state instantly  so do meditation patiently with preserverance.


whenever your mind is in calm and cool you can take decisions deliberately because your mind is in crystal clear state. So if you keep your mind in control by meditation so that you can win over emotional hijacking . Remember  overindulging our  senses  will leads to ruination.


  • Self Affirmation

self affirmation do many wonders in the world but majority of the peoples ignore it or don’t know about it . Self affirmation is nothing but injecting our will or desires  into our subconscious  mind by repeating the  words relevant  to our wishes and burning desires .


For example if you want to remain calm and cool so that  you are able to think  pros and cons of  the situation before taking any decision, then  you have to repeat the sentence “I WILL THINK PROS AND CONS  BEFORE ANY DECISION” 50  to 100 times daily .


For fast result you can do this in morning , afternoon , evening and night . Like this you can adopt more than one affirmation but keep a limit on it because as I said above every thing in  moderation is always good.  


  • Avoid Emotional triggers

As I said above avoid drugs because using drugs kills our body inch by inch which will affect your overall health  and also it’s a bad character or habits. Eventually you don’t will get  any social respect and space in a society because we are all social beings .There is saying “ if you lost wealth nothing is lost , if you lost health something is lost , if you lost character then everything is lost “ .


 For this first up all you have to know about yourselves and your emotions clearly . These all things I said because some peoples do act violently on their mental triggers . For example if  a drinker while passing near by any beer parlour or liquir shop  he tends to get in bar to get drink , here the liquor is  mental trigger for a drinker which will affect him so wildly so that he will compromise anything for liquor for which it will cost him very much .


 Like wise some peoples got anger while seeing some body whom which they hate most. Take another example just imagine the opposite of what is said above that is some people feels love / safe /caring  while seeing some body of whom they like very much and many things in favor of them thoughtlessly .


 After in future he / she will have to pay for it . Mostly this happens to guys from which they become more romantic by seeing gorgeous girls on their way so be cautious .


Remember it is better to list down on note book about your mental triggers consciously  on left side and what are convenient steps you can take to avoid this on right side so that if he / she violates he/she get know about it become more aware of it , gradually it will minimize as you wish .


  • Self destructive behaviour

  As I said above our brain consist another two parts that is

 (1) Thinking brain (conscious our selves )

 (2) Reactive brain (self destructive behaviour)

It is the self destructive behaviour that put you in danger most of the time. For example you may like ice cream and whenever you go out home  you have the tendency to eat ice cream so that you will get in any ice cream shop but have you ever thought  what will happen  if you eat 3,4,5  ice cream sure, you got stomach pain or any other disease such diarrhea .


These  all happens due to you because of your  self destructive behaviour  which act automatically without your permission.  So always  do act consciously and replace any  bad habits by any three good habits. Repeating the bad habits provoke your self destructive behaviour so that you have to pay for it.


 New research says that one can restructure our brain called plasticity  by repeating the good habits and ignoring the bad ones so that new brain cells connection get form. Remember bad habits are easy to get but hard to leave.


  • win win

In this world on any critical circumstances majority of the people accept any of the two alternative in their life is either YES   OR   NO  .


By following these any of the two alternative one become more subject to EMOTIONAL HIJACKING which may leads to many crimes in future . So it is better to use the habit of win win that is in  any critical circumstances  take the decision  that benefits you and your opponent. In other words take decisions that benefits both parties .


 For example now a days of CORONA most of the kids and students know to play video games on net because most of their classes are online. Suppose your young daughter says she want to go out to meet her friends and you are not willing to let her  out because in these COVID DAYS you fear to let her out , instantly you got an idea to  allow her to meet her friends via video conferencing so that your fear fade out and your daughter also become happy .


Here the both father and daughter got benefit from the idea video conferencing is called win win . So follow the path of win win.


  • Quick relief

In any critical circumstances that you feel your emotions overrides take ten times deep breath and focus on this breath for a while so that your reactive brain comes down and thinking brain get arise .


 Remember don’t take any decisions on any emotions because most of the time you have to pay for it in future. That is why most of the time your daughter or your wife may ask permission for any thing  when you are in happy mood .


This is the last step that one should have to accept to avoid emotional hijacking . Many of the inexperienced business entrepreneur subject to this kind of act . As the name implies in any critical circumstances pause for while and make clarifications then decide .


For example in business take it is better to take decisions based on facts rather than false assumptions. To accomplish this  it is better that one should follow this PCD .


 That is pause for a while and collect all the facts and information relevant to the situation then clarify it and then take decision on it , sure it will be the right decisions always .

Emotional  Blackmailing

Till now you know something about emotional hijacking and it’s preventive measure . Now it’s the time  to get know something about Emotional Blackmailing . It is the other side of the coin that is like Emotional hijacking you should also be aware or emotional blackmailing .


Black mailing means  take a move to utilize some one based on his or her weakness. Emotional black mailing means to utilize some one’s emotions .


For example suppose you want go to picnic with your friends and your father is not allowing you .  suppose you know  your father  become very happy and lovable under alcohol consumption so that whenever your father drinks then  you can ask permission for anything  90% of chance is you will get permission from your dad. You know why , as I said above under any drugs our thinking brain becomes down where as our reactive brain become up so that one take action thoughtlessly.


 Take another example some guys love rich girls and make utilize most of her either  financially or sexually . Remember always trust but verify it . It is well said in hindu epic great mahabartha lord Krishna advise arujuna that is don’t take any decisions under any emotions.


As you know our national father Mohandas karam chandh Gandhi follow the rule of non violence why ? he knows if he fight eye for eye then it will lead to another war like this a series of war take place so that many human being get sacrifices. So he follow the path of win win as I said above.


Hope you enjoy this post very much please do share among your friends so that I will come up more interesting topics  ahead.




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