Truth   behind   lies

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Hi guys welcome back to my blog. There is a request please do read my blog posts till end because majority of my blog posts people either get ignore or left half way .  People lies for many things in their life. As you know for every action there is equal and opposite reaction. In other words if lie today then you have to pay for it because it’s nature law . Today I am going to tell you what provokes one to lie .


Ok now I am asking you have ever lie in your life if I am asking you in casual way most of you will say  a big NO but I know  most of you said small , small  lies either in childhood or in their teen ages . Studies shows that people of age between 13 and 17 lies most . Have you ever think why do people lie ?, is there any way to find a lie ?. In general there are four reason to lie ok , let’s have look what are they and how to find  it .


1. To protect one selves

In our childhood we may lie many times. for example when a mother asks his little daughter why do you gone on jimmy’s shop , how many times I told you that jimmy is bad shopkeeper.  she replies i am not gone on jimmy’s shop but in real she went to jimmy’s shop here to protect herself she lied  .


like this in our childhood we lies knowingly or unknowingly for many things . If you teach and motivate your child for telling truth in their childhood then it make big difference in their life . What we learn in our childhood it may reside as a permanent character through out life .


There is saying “if you lost wealth nothing is lost , if you lost health something is lost  and if you you’re your character then everything is lost “. So appreciate your kids by giving some gifts or brought their likeable things when they tells truth .



2.To  promote  one  selves

See the same example above with little modification when a mother ask her 15 year old son jhony did you pass all the exam?. He will  reply, yes mom I had passed all the exam with good grade here he said lie to promote himself  but in real he just passed all the subjects.


 Here half is truth and half is lie ,remember this type of lying will not sustain for long . So when you found your son lied then teach him the power of truth with suitable example instead of beating or punishing them which create the situation worse than good. When they become grownup they will understand it very clear so that they will teach to their generations.


3.To impact others

The third reason people lies to impact others either positively or negatively. In real most of the time they impact to degrade or belittle others to boost their own image for example a cynic type people comes under this category .


 In other words a type of criticizing others for one’s own benefit . Some times it is a type of backbiting others in their absence. It is also a bad habit to degrade or promote others because as I said above we can’t hide truth for long .




4.Don’t know what to say

The fourth reason people lies is they don’t know what to say . There are peoples who say without considering the circumstances may be you saw many talkative  in  your life , some of these type of comes under this category in short people talk thoughtlessly. For example some women or mans  are very often are talkative  as  well as a good liar also so be carefull.


Ok guys these are the some truth behind lies in which peoples get motivate to do it.


Ok these are reasons for one to lie now it’s the time how can one detect it whether he / she is lying or not . In this post I am going to tell you the 6 ways from which we can detect a lie , let’s see what are they?


1.start with neutral question

when a friend of your daughter came home and if you ask normal or neutral question such as how are you ? / how is your parents ? what did you ate today for breakfast ?like on this type of questions people will not lie that is why it is called Neutral questions .


 while asking this questions you just observe her body language , her eye expressions ,facial expression and on her words structure  she says? , it is a pattern to the neutral question . Now you ask some questions which she or he may lie for example how much you score in the last exam? how much you score on English , mathematics and so on? .




 Now  watch her  or his body language , her eye , facial expressions , her words structure that she says . If you found any difference in body language , eye, word structure and facial expression as compared to the neutral question , then surely he / she is lying . so to find lie start with neutral question then ask some question he/she may lie .



2. Listen – How they say No

When you are  asking some questions to one and watch how they say no . For example some may say no then close their eyes, some say no by stretching , some  say no no no no, some say no then immediately change their direction of their face to some other area , some struggles to say no .


People react in this way because of their tensions and stress or on any mental pressure . In short there is a common pattern for a truthful no but there is a some irregularities when they say no for lie . So watch it and be aware of it among your circle of influence.


3.Observe micro facial expressions

The third method to find lie is to observe the micro expressions of the victim . For example when one is asking questions , some may sweat frequently , some wet their lips by tongue frequently , some blinks their eyes more frequently because normally an adult blink their eyes 15 to 20 times in a minute.


But lying people blinks their eyes above this measure but there is exception that one blink their eyes from 20 to 30 times on stage is normal because of nervousness , if one is lying then he / she blink their eyes above this that is 30 to 50 ,60,70 times .


To illustrate this more evidently watch the speech of bill clinton about monica levinsky  . In his speech he says he doesn’t have any sexual contact with monica by blinking his eyes more frequently. Remember what does it profit if a man gains the whole world by losing his / her soul.



4.listen more than you speak

It is the fourth method to find lie that is give  him /her more chance  to talk more while you watching him / her . for example when you ask simple question, where are gone yesterday? then normally he may say he went to his uncle’s house  simply if he is not lying  but if he is lying he will say on the way to my uncle’s house , two street dogs  chased me any how I escaped from them.


after that when I reached uncle’s house I saw another two bull dog that my uncle recently brought I got frightened like this he continues his lie story. In short lying people talk more for a simple question ,  like this when we listen more we can able to detect whether he / she is lying or not. Ok just jump on other method.



5.They stop talking about themselves

The fifth method to find lie is when you ask some question? they will tell  the answer by excluding them in it . For example where are you been yesterday evening I saw you near  by  cinema theatre ? .


 In reply he or she will say may be you saw my friends because my friends told me that they will go to watch cinema by  evening , in real he went to cinema theatre , but to say lie he exclude himself from it like this you can find lie. Remember trust people but verify it .


6.Ask the same story backward

This is the last method to find lie when you ask simple question such as how was your school tour trip ? in reply he / she may say first we to temple sri ganesh temple after that we went to kanyakumari then to ooty then kodaikanal then some hill stations like this he / she continues  . Then if you ask to repeat once more may be he / she will say thoughtfully , in real he \ she gone some other places with his close  friends .



To find lie ask him / her to tell the tour trip in reverse order or backward ? to reply this question he/ she may answer but it will differ from previously said thus we can find lie .


 See if the story is a long sequence may some place one or two faults occur than a small set of sequence. Ok guys these are the six points to find lie hope you enjoys this post have a nice day  next time I will come more interesting tips .


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