Sharpen Your Saw

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Sharpen your saw

Hi guys today we will going to discuss about the saws of adults. This is a small portion taken from the book “SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE” of Stephen R Covey which  is published 25 years ago. It means exercising all four dimensions of our nature, regularly and consistently, in wise and balanced ways” In his book he first tells a story about a wood cutter . Covey use a common analogy of wood cutter .That is a wood cutter is asked by man as follows.

Man:                        what are you doing ?

 wood cutter:             can’t you see ? , I am sawing down this tree.

  Man:                           How long are you working on this tree?

wood cutter:           for five hours long , I feel tired it’s a real hard work.

Man:                          why don’t you take some rest , then sharpen the saw    instead of   every  time sawing the tree makes  you feel

                                    tiredness and wear down the saw.

wood cutter:           He ignore his comment by saying “ I don’t have time to     sharpen the saw.

Man:                          says emphatically ,” I am too busy sawing”.

Now what do you think about  the wood cutter , is he doing right ? well the answer is no because without sharpening the saw how can one cut more wood. suppose If the wood cutter sharpen the saw every times before work then he can able to cut  more trees and he can earn more also  for his livelihood.

We can apply the same token in our life also. This is the seventh habit in SEVEN HABIT OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE. I am sure if you strictly follow this habit you can win the race in every walk of life. Even you can make this habit as a new year resolution.

 But I mostly recommend you don’t wait for new year just start right now. As Benjamin Franklin said “Don’t put off until tomorrow , what do you can do today“.  Because whenever  we make delay for any thing  there is more chance to get  it postpone , so start right now.

 Before jumping into sharpening saw , we have to know what are the saw of a man to sharpen. Sharpening the saw means a self renewal for which your productivity get raise. it is a  four dimensions of your nature. As an individual one must practice self –renewal in the following areas of life:

  1. Physical Dimension

The physical dimensions involves take caring of our physical body. That is eating right  kind of foods, taking sufficient rest and relaxation , doing exercise on regular basis. These are the activities that most of us don’t do consistently, says time excuse most often.

 I think these are  petty excuses  ,have you heard the proverb  where there is a will there is a way. yes we can find time for everything ‘its all depend on our will. Here we are talking about to spare  3 to 6 hours a week or minimum of thirty minutes a day .

“Bill Gates ,Richard Branson , late Steve Jobs ,jack ma . These great souls are also busy in their life but they do morning exercise before jumping into work. Do you? what do you think about this great peoples does they want to become all-star athletes? No.

 They do it because exercise helps them be their best. A good exercise program is one that you do in your own home which will build your body three areas such as ENDURANCE , FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH  .

Endurance come from  normal aerobic exercise . Although our heart is a muscle for which we can’t do exercise our heart directly. It can only  excercised  through the large muscle group  , particularly the leg muscles exercise  like  rapid walking , running , biking, swimming , cross country skiing and jogging are so beneficial.

 Ideally you should try your heart rate to at least 60 percent of your maximum pulse rate .For example if you are 30 years old then your maximum heart rate is generally accepted to be  220 less your age. That is (220 – 30 = 190 , 190  * .6(60%) = 114) , so if you are of 30 you should aim for an exercise heart rate of 114 .

 Flexibility comes from doing stretching exercises. It helps to loosen and warm the muscle to prepare for more hard exercises. Strength comes from muscle resistance exercises like calisthenics , push – ups and sit – ups and weight lifting.

Besides this you can do the following things to sharpen your physical dimension such as.

  • Eat healthy meals
  • Drink Lots of water
  • Do cardiovascular activity
  • Get Enough sleep
  • Take breaks
  • Meditate
  • Take a nap
  • Go to a spa
  • The Spiritual Dimension

Renewing  spiritual dimension provides leadership to your life.  The spiritual aspect of our healthy being is extremely private and individual .The spiritual aspect of our health includes ,(1) Understanding our values (2) Our commitment to those values ,(3) Studying and thinking about those values.

 In spiritual dimensions you are investing time on your self. The great reformer Martin Luther once said  “ I have so much to do today , I will need to spend another hour on my knees”.

To him prayer was not a mechanical duty but rather a source of power  in releasing and multiplying his energies. It is the habit that puts all the other habits into action . As we learn , commit and do these seven habits of highly effective people , we can create an upward   spiral of success.

In short do prayer and  if possible  meditate daily so that you get renewed spiritually.

  • 2 The Mental Dimension

In mental dimension we have to feed our brain through reading ,visualizing ,planning and writing. Most of our mental development and study discipline comes through our formal education. After  many of you  doesn’t try to feed your mind so what happen day by day it become.

In my opinion if everything is lost nothing is lost ,  except our mind. There are many ways from which we can feed our mind . Among them reading is one of the quality habit that one can adopt to feed our minds.

Reading  quality literature  such as the great books , the Harvard classics ,autobiographies National Geographic and other publication that expand our cultural awareness  and will sharpen our mental saw.

 It is a very important activity that you can make a rule to read  a book a month then a book every two weeks then a book a week  .  Reading  books helps to get into best minds in the world  that are now or that have ever been in the world .

Surveys indicate that peoples are spending 40 to 50 hours on television than doing some quality work.  If they spend one fourth of time on some quality work ,sure their life will change positively. I do not blame that all the programs in television is useless .

There are many informative programs showing  in television also . But we have to watch television consciously else it is worthless. So make a time slot  for watching TV .For example allot 7 to 10 hours time slot for watching TV weekly.

Writing is another powerful way to sharpen the mental saw in which you can think clearly , to reason accurately and to be understood effectively. Organizing and planning is another forms on mental renewal activity.

It’s beginning with the end in mind and mentally to organize to accomplish that end. By doing this we exercising  the visualizing  , imagining power of your mind to see the end from the beginning.

Besides this solving puzzles , filling English letters in missing English words  , playing chess also helps you to broaden your mind . Remember character cannot be made except by a steady , long continued process.

  • 3 . The Social / Emotional Dimension

 Social dimension specifies the area our relationships with others.

The social – emotional dimension specifies the habit of 4,5 and 6.That is Habit 4 tells about Think win – win ,habit 5 : seek first to understand , then to be understood, habit 6 tells about synergize.

By practicing habit 4,5 and 6 helps you become socially and emotionally astute. For example As you listen to others , before commenting or acting , I think you’ll find your social and emotional intelligence growing.

The social and emotional dimensions of our lives are tied together because our emotional life is primarily , but not exclusively , develop out of and manifested in our relationships with other. Unlike other dimensions renewing our social / emotional dimension does not take much time.

 we can do it in our normal everyday  interactions with other peoples. so practice the habit 4,5 and 6 persistently.


Habits  are things we do repeatedly . But most of the time we are hardly aware of it, they are on autopilot . Habits are either good or bad . The above mentioned  habits comes under good habits so one can strictly follow them .

spend at least one hour daily on above mentioned four saw so that you get renew day by day. By  Sharpening the above mentioned saw you are prepared to face any situations in your life.It will enable you to handle all the challenges and difficulties in the long run of  your life .

Hope you enjoy this post please do share among your circle so that I will come with more interesting tips concerning technology , health ,motivational and  finance

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