Seven Lies Of Success

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Seven Lies / Belief of success

Hi guys once again welcome back to my blog . As you know there are many ways  in which peoples  define success . That is our perceptions about success varies from individual to individuals.


To me success is what you become after  achieving  your success is more important than anything else. For example may be one become more arrogant, ego centered , greedy ,jealousy like this goes on.


In this post I want to tell you about the seven lies /beliefs of success  and what are the building blocks of this lies which will  makes your life great  .


Remember you can’t achieve anything with lots of dreams by with out any actions.


The way very successful peoples achieved  their  goals  From  Steven Spielberg, Mahatma Gandhi , A.p.j Abdul kalam , Dr r. Ambedkar , John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King. Jr., Ted Turner, Tina Turner, Pete Rose,  Dean Barbara Black of the Columbia University School of Law, shakuntala devi (Indian computer woman),scientist Sri Ramanujan  to  Arya batta are the people that applied  this  Success Formula in their lives.


Let’s see what are the four  common things that most successful people adopt to achieve their success .


Table of content


  1. Get know what you want to achieve precisely.

First up all make it clear that what you really want to achieve in your life. That is have clear picture where you are marching is it   towards your goal or away from your goal. For example a movie director will have a clear picture about their movies so that (s)he focus on it.


See another example some say I want to become a doctor but don’t know specifically. That is whether they want to become a Eye doctor ,neurologist , ENT doctor ,cardiologist, dentist, audiologist , Dermatologist, Orthopedist, Urologist etc.


  1. Take actions

Ok  all is good but having  Goals is not enough , you have to take mass actions to accomplish it. You know the adage “Action speaks louder than words”.  


 For example in a spirit some says I want become a doctor , singer, engineer, dancer but take no actions about it then what’s using use of simply having goals in their mind, they are called day dreamers. etc.


For example if you want to become a doctor so that in the secondary school or plus two levels, you must opt for subjects including Physics, Chemistry and Biology. When you apply for the MBBS program through the general category, you must have completed 17 years, but must not be older than 25 years.


some believes that when luck and their time favors everything will fall on their right place so that (S)he can achieve their goals .


I think it’s foolishness have ever think about it . let’s see  if you pray all the time to pass in exam without studying how can you get pass in the exam.


God will not write exam instead of you. Nothing will replace your action , get know for every action you take there is a result which may be either positive or negative . It depends upon your action you took.


So put your minds with positive thoughts relevant to your goals from various source such as media, news paper, internet , from teacher , elders ,friends ..etc.  If your mind is feed with positive thoughts , I am sure it will leads to action . Remember knowledge leads to thoughts , in   which thoughts leads to actions .  

  1. Check your results

It means while you are doing things to achieve you see what works and what not. As I said above for every actions there is a result which may either positive or negative.


if it is positive and relevant to your goal then proceed further else discard and learn from it so that it will be helpful in future . For example when our great scientist Thomas alva Edison once questioned by a media reporter .


That is when media reporter asked Mr Edison how long did you take to invent this incandescent bulb.  Mr Edison replied 10,000 experiment , Media reporter asked you are crazy and fool so that you need 10,000 experiment to invent this bulb.


Mr Edison remain calm and cool and said I know I am little bit crazy and also I know that 10,000 ways in which it will not work. From this example you got know what I mean. Like this swami Vivekananda said arise awake work hard until you achieve the goal.

  1. Think about alternative ways

Develop flexibility to change your approach if you are not getting closer to your outcome. It is also better to be flexible in your business, career and life.


If one idea fails think on next idea and step on and see which way gives you best result . For example suppose you want to attend an urgent meeting and you  driving your car on regular route while going to office , on the way  you got stuck in traffic jam and   what will you do? either you have to wait or find a alternative way to reach your office .


  If you wait  you will get late , so an easy alternative way in which you can attend the meetings on time . For this you can use technology such as Google map so that you can find the easiest route to your office.


one of the known fact is that if you repeat same action again and again results cannot  change , that is same results you get every time , have you ever think why does this happens? . Because you took same action again and again , so be flexible on new alternative ideas may be some times it will give more results than you expect.


See another example suppose you had music shop in which all music ,game , movie CD / DVD  are available for sale and runs very well. Quite after some period of time with the introduction of online music ,game , movie downloads eventually your business getting worse than before  day by day.


And if you stick on same idea of selling the music/movie DVD , you will not get any sales why ? because peoples can get it from  online so why do they buy from you . Instead if you start a music learning school there may be a chance to nourish your  business if it is not work take another alternate  way open a dance school like this change your ideas and see what works on and what not.


In business, managers are always faced with roadblocks on how to grow their business or what to do when competition increases. The most successful businesses are constantly thinking of new ways to do things .Thinking of alternative ideas and ways to do things is important in everyday life, too! .


Sometimes, when we try something for the first time, it doesn’t work out the way we expect. Whenever that happens, be flexible and think of other ways to make something work. So remember: It’s best to think of new ways of doing things. ok guys the above mentioned are the general four formula which is  used by successful peoples in their life to achieve their goals.


If we look a little bit deep we can able to see another seven pillar that these successful adopt in their life. Let’s see what are the seven pillars behind their success . 

  1. Passion

One of the main pillar of the success is follow your passion. When some one follow their passion they have better chance of being successful.


For example some of you got jealous on you neighbors success so that automatically  you tend follow his /her path without any passion which results in failure why ? , because your neighbor start their business and got success  with strong passion .


After failing of 2,3 attempts  normally peoples tend to give up their goals and step on another one where as if you have a goal with strong passion you will not give up easily , Because passion does not allows , always looking ways , strategies , plan to achieve it.


I have a question: if you knew you could not fail, what would you do? If you were absolutely certain of success, what activities would you pursue, what actions would you take? There’s something rather amazing about what happens when you get a clear internal representation of what you want.


It programs your mind and body to achieve that goal. To go beyond our present limitations, we must first experience being more in your minds, and our lives will then follow suit. Do you know passion gives life power, juice, and meaning. There is no greatness without a passion to be great-great parent, athlete, scientist, artist, business person. So remember following your passion is key to success.

  1. Belief

passion and belief provide the fuels to excellence. Do you remember the old adage of Anton Chekhov. “Man is what he believes”. As you know belief plays very important role in our success and failures.


Failures happen on wrong and vague beliefs. Before  taking any action to achieve your goals , you must believe in your selves , else no one believe you. I think one of the richest man in world Bill gates  got his degree certificate after 40 years of old. If he believe he is middle aged man and have enough money to live on , what is the use of  this degree certificate  in my life .


Then he will never complete his degree course . Instead he believed age is only a numbers or figures  ,I want to get my degree certificate  legally. like this if you not believed in any medical drugs then how can you recover soon from your illness. Do you know beliefs deliver direct commands to your nervous system. Handled effectively, they can be the most powerful forces for creating good in your life.


On the other hand, beliefs that limit your actions and thoughts can be as devastating as resourceful beliefs can be empowering. Beliefs are the compass and maps that guide us toward our goals and give us the certainty to know we’ll get there.


Without beliefs or the ability to tap into them, people can be totally dis-empowered; with powerful guiding beliefs, you can see what you want and be energized to get it.The more we learn about human behavior, the more we learn about the extraordinary power that beliefs have over our lives.


There have been numerous studies in which a person in a hypnotic trance is touched with a piece of ice represented to him/her as a piece of hot metal. Invariably a blister will develop at the point of contact.


What counted was not reality but belief-the direct, unquestioned communication to the nervous system. The brain simply does what it’s told through our beliefs. Remember Napolean Hills  word’s “ what our mind can conceive and believe , we can achieve “. 


  1. Strategy

The third pillar of success is strategy . A strategy is nothing but a specific plan of what resources to use and how and when to use them to produce a specific result.


For example  if some of your relative make a good dish in a function and you feel very tasty and liked very much , Have your think that to make the same dish in your house .


 Yes of course if you can , if you know that person’s recipe . A recipe is nothing but  a strategy to make dish very tasty . May be your relative have worked through years of trials and error before finally making the ultimate recipe.


From this you can save time by following your relative’s recipe , by modeling what your relative did. Here I don’t want to tell you to model somebody to save your time instead make a specific plan for each goal to use right tools /resources/powers/knowledge/relations   at right time in an organized order.

  1. Clarity of values

Do you know our values plays an important role in shaping our future and destiny. So it is necessary to get know about our values  so that one can reprogram it to relevant to our goals .Values varies from  peoples to peoples .


Now the question is what is values? . values are the list of our feelings in which we give more priority to some of the feelings in the list. In other words our values are the feelings we all fundamentally need to move toward.


That feeling of congruity, or personal wholeness and unity, comes from the sense that we are fulfilling our values by our present behavior. They even determine what you will move away from.


They determine how you will respond to any given experience in life. Values are like the executive level of judgment in the human brain-they are the master key to unleashing the magic within.

Most of your values have been programmed through punishment/reward, but the challenge for most people is that many of these values are unconscious.


People feel very uncomfortable and suspicious of individuals who have values very different from their own. For example I am going to lay some of the common values the peoples give more importance  in their life.

  • LOVE
  • FUN

To get know your values you should  ask your selves from the above list from which you will give importance . Like this you can get know someone’s values by some questionnaires or by experience with some one you will get know their values.


  1. Energy

For everything to carry out  we need required energy  and  this energy depends on our physiology. As you know our mind and body is linked in a cybernetic loop.


So that whenever our mind is in negative emotional state our body will corresponding to it . Like this if you are feel depressed go out for  walk for sometime or have a fun with friends so that it  will elevate the state of you mind .


For example you can just as easily create the result called ecstasy by changing your physiology in other specific ways. Smiling and laughing (using the 80 muscles in our face) set off biological processes that make us feel good-they increase the flow of blood to the brain and change the level of oxygen and the level of stimulation of the neurotransmitters.


In short we can change the state of mind by changing  actions like wise we can change our actions by changing our mind . That is physiology is lever to emotional change. Do you know studies shows that when people get depressed, the biochemical and electrical processes of their bodies are also affected-their immune systems follow suit and become less efficient-their white blood cell count drops which will affect people’s physiology.


An important corollary of physiology is congruency. For example If I’m giving you what I think is a positive message-like “I can handle it”-but my voice is weak and tentative and my shoulders are hunched over and my eyes are down, I’m incongruent, and your unconscious mind will pick up what your conscious mind didn’t, and you won’t feel confident about my ability.


One of the best ways to develop congruency is to model the physiologies of people who are congruent-people you respect and admire-watch them in person, or get videotapes of famous people in resourceful states you might want to model. ok guys these are one side of our energy .


Have you ever thought how one can feel energize all day long , because  if your biochemistry is messed up, it’s going to make the brain create distorted representations. It’s going to throw off your whole system.  so to feel energize all day long follow the six rules below . 

  1. The power of breath

As you know an healthy body  have  healthy mind . The base of healthy body is healthy blood stream , the system that transports oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of your body. If you have a healthy circulation system, you’re going to have a long, healthy life.


That environment is the bloodstream. What is the control button for that system? Breathing. It’s the way you fully oxygenate the body and thus stimulate the electrical process of each and every  cell. Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated that he was able to turn normal, healthy cells into malignant cells simply by lowering the amount of oxygen available to them.


Researchers believe that lack of oxygen seems to play a major role in causing cells to become malignant or cancerous. It certainly affects the quality of life of the cells. So deep breathing cause our cell rejuvenations . For this do pranayama daily , if you don’t know follow the books below .


  1. Eat water rich food

Do you know seventy percent of our earth is covered by water . And eighty percent of our body is made up of water. One of the main benefit of eating water rich food is , it will remove the toxins in our body so that our body will remain in balanced state.


So make a habit of eating water rich food and make sure of it. How can you make sure your diet is water rich content ?. For this eat salads , vegetables , fresh fruits or their juices squeezed in day time . You can eat salads  with each meals and  make fruit the snack you reach for instead of a candy bar.

  1. The rule of effective food combining

Certain food combinations make things worse than better in our body. Here’s a very simple way to think about it. Eat only one condensed food at a meal. What’s a condensed food? It’s any food that’s not rich in water.


Make sure you don’t eat starchy carbohydrates and protein at the same meal. Again, you can use Fit for Life as a guide to simple and sensible food combining.




  1. The law of controlled consumption

Everything in moderation is good for our health as well as in our life . So eat in controlled way. It is better to  eat always half stomach because if you eat too much your body require more energy to digest so it will absorb from every part of your body so that  you feel sleep .

  1. Eat more fruits

The best food on our earth is nothing but fruits. Do you know fruits require  less energy to digest and gives your body most in return . The only food our brain need is glucose , fruits contain mainly fructose so that it can easily converted to glucose without consuming much energy. The only problem with fruit is that most people don’t know how to eat it in a way that allows the body effectively to use its nutrients.


YOU MUST ALWAYS EAT FRUIT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. Why? The reason is that fruit is not primarily digested in the stomach. It digests in the small intestine.


Fruit is designed to go right through the stomach in a few minutes and into the intestines, where it releases its sugars. But if there is meat or potatoes or starch in the stomach, the fruit gets trapped there and begins to ferment. The best kind of fruit is fresh fruit or freshly squeezed fruit juice.


When you wake up, and for as long into the day as is comfortably possible, eat nothing but fresh fruit or freshly squeezed fruit juice. Keep this commitment until at least twelve noon each day. Try it for the next ten days and see for yourself. 


  • The protein myth

      When do you think people are most in need of protein? Probably when they’re infants. Mother Nature has provided a food, mother’s milk, that supplies the infant with everything it needs. Guess how much of mother’s milk is protein-2.38% at birth and reduces to 1.2-1.6% protein in six months! That’s all! .One of the by-products of protein metabolism is ammonia.


Let me mention two points. First, meat contains high levels of uric acid. People with leukemia are usually found to have very high levels of uric acid in their bloodstream. The average piece of meat has 14 grams of uric acid. Your body can only eliminate about 8 grams of uric acid in a day.


In addition, do you know what gives meat its taste? Uric acid, from that now dead animal you’re consuming. If you doubt this, try eating kosher-style meat before it’s spiced. As the blood is drained out, so is most of the uric acid.


Meat without uric acid has no flavor. Is that what you want to put in your body, the acid normally eliminated in the urine of an animal? If you absolutely must eat meat, you should get it from a source that guarantees it’s pasture grazed, that is, a source that guarantees it doesn’t have growth hormones . Second, drastically cut your intake.


Make your new maximum one serving of meat per day. Are dairy products any better? In some ways they’re even worse. Powerful growth hormones in cow’s milk are designed to raise a calf from 90 pounds at birth to a thousand pounds at physical maturity two years later.


Researchers say if you want allergies, drink milk. If you want a clogged system, drink milk. The reason, according to Dr. William Ellis, is that few adults can properly metabolize the protein casein in cow’s milk. 

  1. Rapport bonding power

Now come back to the sixth pillar of success . Rapport is also a one of the factor from which will convert  our goals to success . Now you ask what is rapport ? ok keep reading . Rapport is our ability to connect with  peoples from a deepest level of our heart.


 In other words it is the ability to enter someone else’s world to make that person feel that you understand him/her, and that you have a common bond.


It’s the ability to go fully from your map of the world to his/her map of the world. There is a saying “like mind attract each other” why because of the rapport in between them. I can also prove it by mathematically  see the equation below.


(+)  +     (+)  =     (+) – (positive /plus) adds (plus/positive)  gives   positive.


(-)   +     (-)   =     (-) – (neative /minus) adds (minus/nagative)  gives   nagative.


when  like become dislike among peoples there arise all sorts of problem. So the next question is how do we create rapport .We do it by creating or discovering things in common. We call this process “mirroring” or “matching.”


The most common way to match others is through the exchange of information about each other through words. However, studies have shown that only 7% of what is communicated between people is transmitted through the words themselves. 38% comes through the tone of voice. 55% of communication, the largest part, is the result of physiology or body language.


The facial expressions, the gestures, the quality and type of movements of the person delivering a communication provides us with much more about what they’re saying than the words do by themselves. Now you got know about  how much important is rapport in our life. 


  1. Mastery of communication

As you know without communication nothing is possible in our life , even a deaf need to know their language of action to communicate with others. That is communication is the base of all actions .


Communication is a way from which we express our ideas , emotions through our words and physiology. What we do (our results) in our life is determined by how we communicate to ourselves. To succeed in our life you should need to become a good communicator .


For example if a salesman lacks the quality of communication , then how do (s)he  convince her / his customer . like wise if a school teacher lacks the quality of communication , how students get know teacher’s point accurately.


see another example if  a couple’s lacks the quality of communication then how does they get know each other to lead a happy married life . So our entire life is almost depend on communication . That is why elder’s say the quality of our life is quality of our communication.


Ok guy’s these are all about communication now the time came to talk about different forms of communication . There are two forms of communications it  is either internal or external .

Internal communication

Internal communication is how we picture and say, feel within our selves. For example our perceptions about our life and world is a type of internal communication. 

External communication

External communication is more about our words , tonalities, facial expressions, body postures and physical actions. 

one’s belief is an important factor in our lives in which it may either true or false. That is if your belief system is true , it will make your life else ruin your life. Our beliefs are specific, consistent organizational approaches and fundamental choices about how to perceive our lives and thus how to live them.


We don’t know if our beliefs are true or false. What we can know, though, is if they work-if they support us. What if your beliefs are negative, not positive? How do you change beliefs? You’ve already taken the first step-awareness. You know what you want.


The second step is action, learning to control your internal representations and beliefs, learning how to run your brain.  We don’t know if our beliefs are true or false, so we remind ourselves of that by humorously calling them “lies”.


So I suggest you look into the following beliefs and decide whether they are useful to you or not.

Belief  1

 Everything Happens For a Reason And a purpose , And it serve us .

Some of you don’t know about this belief why this all happens on me . whenever you solve  problems one by one eventually  you acquire small  , small experiences and strengths which may helpful to solve some other unknown problems in your life.


So whatever happens in our life is for particular reason which may serve us instantly or later. Hindu’s great epic Mahabarath Lord Krishna says “whatever is happened is for good , whaever is happening is for good and whatever will happen also for good”.


Successful people have an uncanny ability to focus on what is possible in a situation, no matter how much negative feedback they get from their environment.



Do you generally expect things to work out well, or to work out poorly? Do you see the potential in a situation, or do you see the roadblocks? Many people tend to focus on the negative more than the positive.


The first step toward changing that is to recognize it. BELIEFS IN LIMITS CREATES LIMITED PEOPLE.

Belief 2

There is no such thing as failure . There are only results.

our thoughts leads to actions in which  actions leads to result which may either positive or negative depends on our decisions  and actions we took .


If it is positive we feel success else feel failed.  Some times you achieve your goal by luck but it’s not say that you deserve it . your repeated success counts more than a single success . when you fail on something take it as experience or lessons from which you will get a little strength to battle with your next attempt .


Remember when you fail on something it means you lack something it may either knowledge or know how to do it . So keep chase on your dreams and goals until you achieve it. For example think of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison. They knew they were getting feedback, so they could make finer distinctions about politics and leadership, science and electricity.


Buckminster Fuller said: “Humans have learned only through mistakes.” As our great scientist Abdul kalam azad says FAIL means First Attempt In Learning. So don’t get discourage on failures instead learn from it , acquire more skills , knowledge and know how to do it , to  beat down your failures.

Belief  3

Whaever happens take responsibility.

You are the creator and achiever of your goals . If your goals get not achieve then it’s none other than you are the one and only person responsible for it.


when peoples dreams or goals doesn’t get achieve , most often peoples tend to  blame on other peoples or make hollow excuses such as I am unlucky man , it’s my fate , because of the rain I can’t able to practice more , I feel sick that’s why I can’t able to perform well like this goes on.


Great leaders and achievers operate from the belief that they create their world. No matter what happens-good or bad-if they didn’t cause it by their physical actions, maybe they did by the level and tenor of their thoughts.

Now I don’t know if this is true, but it’s a useful lie-an empowering belief.

And if you don’t believe that you’re creating your world, you then believe that you’re at the mercy of circumstances-things just happen to you you’re an object, not a subject.

Belief 4

  It’s not necessary to understand everything to be able to use every thing.

It is better to know one thing fully than thousand things a little. That is why people say “ Little knowledge is dangerous “. For example experts are specialized in one thing rather than many things , that’s why they became expert . See another example there many teachers in a school in which some teachers teaches a subject on which (S)he specialized to  where as some other teachers teaches different subjects in which they are not specialized to but not become expert on each subject .


I’ll bet that if I asked you to explain how electricity works, you would come up with something between a blank and a sketchy answer. But you’re quite capable of flicking the switch and getting the result called light. That’s why  fourth belief says it’s not necessary to understand every thing to be able to use every thing. 

Belief 5

peoples are your greatest resource.

Whether it is in sports , arts , life , work It is well known fact that peoples are greatest asset . Without them we can’t able to achieve more in our life. Individuals of excellence almost universally have a tremendous sense of respect and appreciation for people. They have a sense of team, a sense of common purpose and unity.


Look at Japanese business and the conclusion of the book In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman: “There was hardly a more pervasive theme in excellent companies than respect for the individual.” One person, no matter how brilliant, will find it difficult to match the collaborative talents of an effective team.  



Belief  6 Work is play

As warren buffet , one of the richest man in the world said “follow your passion “.  Do you know what does it mean if you do work something other than your passion eventually you will get bore which leads jumping from jobs to jobs .


If you follow your passion your work will not become burden  instead it will become a play to you so that  you  can reach higher level / position in your company or work . And no need to jumping from job to jobs. For example if  the  cricketer sachin tendulkar does not follow his passion , we can’t get a world class cricketer in our country .


There are so many great successful peoples achieve their goals by following their passions  , such as warren buffet , bill gates , Ratan Tata , Michael Jackson etc.

Pablo Picasso once said, “When I work, I relax; doing nothing or entertaining visitors makes me tired.” Mark Twain echoed, “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.”


That’s what successful people do-they enrich their work by bringing to it the same curiosity and vitality they bring to their play.

Belief  7  

There is no abiding success without commitment.

Commitment is a single belief in which we can’t separate it from success. It’s that there’s no great success without great commitment.


Anna Pavlova once said: “To follow, without halt, one aim: there’s the secret of success.” It’s just another way of stating the Ultimate Success Formula-know your outcome, model what works, take action, develop the sensory acuity to know what you’re getting, and keep refining it until you get what you want. So commit your selves on what you undertakes in your life.Ok guys these are the seven lies (belief) of success that I taken from the book “ Unlimited power “ by Anthony Robbins .


I read this book 3 times it’s very interesting and informational you can find more information than this . May this post help you and your family very much .



Hope you enjoy this post very much , please do share among your peers so that I will get motivate to write more motivational and influential blog posts.

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