S Policy And It’s Benefits

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S  Policy  And  It’s  Benefits


Hi guys welcome back to my another blog post . There is a humble request please do share , comment ,subscribe and follow what I am saying in this blog post  . In our life there is many ups and downs so that some peoples fall down where as some learn from it move forward and get successful .


 If you analyze many well known successful Entrepreneurs / peoples you can see they follow certain discipline , hold certain values , always be opportunistic , be confidant and follow certain policies that most of the common people doesn’t try to understand it and get try to know about it .


That’s why poor people remain poor because they don’t have any direction to go in their life  .  There is a saying “it doesn’t matter where are you coming from , it does matter where you are going .  So be prepared with new experience and skills because success get happen at any time and any age .


Another characteristics of the successful Entrepreneurs  are their educational qualification . If you go through it you can able to know that majority of the successful entrepreneurs didn’t finish their school for example Microsoft chair man Bill gates , the founder of Ford company Henry Ford doesn’t , Thomas Alva Edison founder General Electric, Walt Disney founder of Disney land are among this .


Successful peoples are just like us as they have same body organs and mind  as us , so what makes them stand out from the crowd is how they use it for their life purpose .  Majority of the successful peoples keep up good moral and good character .There is a saying “ if wealth is lost nothing is lost , if health is lost some thing is lost but if character is lost then every thing is lost” .


  If go a little further you can able to see that majority of the  successful peoples follow certain policies in their life to accomplish their dreams . Like successful peoples policies   I also create my own policy  so that I think share among you . It is well said that if you share some thing with others it become more joyful and every one get happy too. If this blog post  guide in some way then I shall grateful to my lord , so  I think it is better to share with you   .  If your intentions and actions are good or for the wellbeing of others surely god will look after you always , so let’s start our s policy journey.



Sweet   potato


Our nature provides many types of root vegetables for example  onion, ginger ,garlic ,turnip , radishes , beets , fennel , sweet potato etc are among them . In this post I am talking about “S” policy that’s  why I am talking about some of the health benefit of  Sweet potato . As in the name potato ! sweet potato is also a one of the categories of a potato .

Agriculture scientist says as a plant it got the name of dicotyledonous  and it belongs to the family of convolvuaceae .Some of you don’t know about the  many health benefits  of sweet potato as compare to other vegetables . While talking about some reality about sweet potato the  sweet  present in sweet potato are a low-fat source so that it have many beneficial nutrients important to your health.


 Particularly rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A, fiber and antioxidants, sweet potatoes should be considered a healthy vegetable  to your diet. Ok Let’s explore it !  what makes sweet potato so special among potato categories of vegetable .


You can eat sweet potato with or without boiling but most of you peel the skin out of sweet potato . In real a 150 gram of sweet potato with skin contains some Calories , Carbs ,Protein ,Fiber , Provtimin A ,Vitamin C and  potassium . If you peel out the skin of sweet potato the fiber present it get loss .


Sweet potato are low value of glycemic so that it digest slowly . One of the fact about glycemic index of a food is the food with high glycemic index digest fast and raise the blood sugar level  where as food with  low glycemic index digest slowly and maintain your blood sugar level steady. In short it is ideal food for diabetic patients also .


Sweet potato are rich in carbohydrates which is one of the source of energy. In other words it is one of the energy provider that one need depending on her / his works  or life styles. For example there is no loss for a athlete to eat 4, 5 pieces of sweet potato where as people with less physical activities need to consume less in portion. Remember if you want stay away from over weight then it is better to stay away from it or eat the half portion of a sweet potato else you will entangle in many health issues.


The fiber present in sweet potato has many health many benefits so that it promote healthy bowel movements. And also it helps your digestive system and colon . As it helps the digestive system so that you get free from constipation and lower cancer disease dramatically. So eat  enough fiber content food so that you can keep your  digestive system in equilibrium state.



Our body doesn’t make  fat so our body needs small portion of fat  . It is the source of fatty acids in which Vitamin A , Vitamin D , Vitamin E  get aborb via fats . So sweet potato contain low fat in content so that you don’t need to worry about it. Low  Fat content food helps you to lose weight by using calories on more filling foods. Following a low-fat  diet can help your body away from some serious medical conditions , including heart diseases , high cholesterol and diabetes.

Sweet potato are high in antioxidant so that it helps your from cell damages and lower the chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer .


one of the disadvantages of sweet potato is ! it contain potassium . Consumption of potassium may not be suitable for people who take beta blockers . Beta blockers are a class of medication in which it is used to protect our heart’s  abnormal rhythm. And also it prevents second heart attack followed by first attack.   Other disadvantages of sweet potato are the following

  • Low in protein
  • high in carbohydrates
  • low in fat
  • low in iron
  • lack of vitamin D
  • lack of vitamin b12.

Ok guys these are some knowledge that I know about sweet potato if you want explore more read on Live Strong.


As I you know  habits are of two types that is good habits  and bad habits. Among bad habits smoking is one of the  dirtiest , dangerous  bad  habits in which it will ruin your life slowly .


Most of the times teenagers start smoking for fun or to attract or get value among friends. In the initial stage they smoke a cigarette a day may  eventually end up in many cigarette packets  so they call hard core smokers.


 You know if you follow small , small good habits then it will pay it’s reward later in our life . Like this if you follow this type of small , small bad and dangerous habits then you have to face it ‘s compound effect which will ruin your life .The body organ which affect severely  by smoking is our lungs   If  you observe keenly your body then you can able to know that there is an equilibrium so that any violation invites many diseases .


If you see our nature you can also find a equilibrium state that’s if any violation of ! it  invites many disasters on the earth ,Tsunami , Water flood , Earth quakes are among this . For example we  get cold when our body subject to more cold . That’s why some people get cold even sleeping under AC  , so program it for particular temperature.  


See another example our heart works in a equilibrium so if any violation it will invite many heart diseases. Just like our heart , lungs also a  internal body organs works in  rhythm of equilibrium.

The main function of the lungs is the process of gas exchange called respiration (or breathing). In respiration, oxygen from incoming air enters the blood, and carbon dioxide, a waste gas from the metabolism, leaves the blood. A reduced lung function means that the ability of lungs to exchange gases is reduced,  but smoking   raise this reduced functional state of lungs so if any violations of  normal functions of lungs invites many severe lung diseases  . 



Some of health problems that smoking invites are the following things .

Smoking can cause lung disease by damaging your airways and the small air sacs (alveoli) found in your lungs. Lung diseases caused by smoking  which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Smoking also increases risk for tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and problems of the immune system, including rheumatoid arthritis.


Lung Cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  are the common diseases caused by smoking. Smoking also increases risk for tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and problems of the immune system, including rheumatoid arthritis.


Smoking inflames and irritates the lungs. Even one or two cigarettes cause irritation and coughing. Smoking also can destroy your lungs and lung tissue. This decreases the number of air spaces and blood vessels in the lungs, resulting in less oxygen enters  to our body organs which will put your body in critical stage.

Research says passive smoking is also bad for our health . Passive smoking  is those who smoke , smoke  from smoking peoples nearby . That is in always there is no benefits you get by smoking . In some case it act as a stimulant to your body  but you have to pay for it later . So remember smoking not only harm you but harm others also.


So it is far better  to have a four peg of liquors  weekly than a cigarette a day .  Here I am not recommends to take liquors i just say in comparison with Liquors . Don’t waste your  time take now a strong  oath   and burning  desire to stay away from smoking. For all non smoker I bow you and take my big salute for this act of kindness.



There are  some facts one should have to know about sugar that we are eating unconsciously. The very first thing is  sugar and glucose are not same  where as sugar . Sugar is also known as sucrose .  It  is a combined form of glucose and fructose  called diasacchrides . In other words a single sugar is a combination two monosacchrides ( glucose and fructose ) .


Some of the functions of the body is carried out with the help of blood contains glucose. So blood needs certain sugar level or glucose level  to perform it’s normal functions .


when the sugar enters in our small intestine there is  enzyme called sucrose which split the combined form of sugar into two independent parts called glucose and fructose. which set on lever . Later liver transform the fructose into  glucose , glycogen and fat  .


Glucose provide energy for cells , where as chemical called glycogen is store in liver for later use of energy    . The glucose set in liver is transformed into glycogen thus glucose get in blood which provide  instant energy  to our body cells that is why we feel energized to do our work.



Sugar is a basic unit of a energy that our body needs to perform it’s functions. In other words for our every action needs the support of glucose , for example for sleeping , breathing , walking , or doing some other physical activities.


 All Plants  are comprised of carbohydrates  that is why sugar is found in tissues of plants so that fruits and vegetable get sweet taste . In our body structure glucose is found in the form carbohydrates .


Mostly sugar is converted to carbohydrates by our digestive system to support our daily activities . Another fact is eating more  sugar  will release the hormone dopamine which makes us feel good that is why after eating chocolates we got tempt to eat more chocolates. In a study it reports  those who consume sugar more  looks old as compare to those who less consume .


In other word those who with high blood sugar level looks old as compare to low  blood sugar level .That is peoples with high blood sugar looks old than low blood sugar.


As general rule of thumb limit the use of sugar as possible as much . It is advise to consume sugar 7 to 10 table spoon for men and 6 to 7 table spoon for women daily.  Use sugar of low calorie value that we brought from markets . There is a simple idea  , for this check the nutritional  label on food stuff  and see which ends on “ose” ( glucose , fructose , lactose , dextrose , galactose etc ) which contains low calorie value .



Remember a energy drink can contains 15 – 17 teaspoon of sugar . Even you can use some substitute for sugar which contain low calorie value  , such as stevia , natural sweetners , honey , maple syrup , molasses , monk fruit sweetner , xylitol . Do you know our brain needs sugar of 350 to 400 calorie value for it’s functioning .


 It is better to avoid artificial processed food which contain sugar and less  nutritions but eat  natural food such as fruits , vegetable , honey , dates etc contains some nutrition. It is better to use some sugar alternatives to protect  your body  from many diseases .Ok guys these are some facts  about sugar that we are eating unknowingly.


  • For taste we used in foods .
  • provides instant energy to cell via glucose present in blood   .


  • It decay our tooth.
  • sugar contain no nutritional value , no minerals , no proteins , no fiber
  • sugar makes you hungry
  • Addiction of sweet foods , the more you add sugar in your diet the more likely use often . Eating more sugar foods releases Dopamine. which is the chemical which control the brain reward and which makes us feel well.
  • Increase blood pressure , risk of heart attack .
  • May cause Dementia.
  • sugar cause acne on face and body because of the glycemic index .
  • Sugar cause muscle and join pain.
  • Sugar cause obesity because .
  • makes look older.



From the pros and cons of sugar you get know there is no special benefit  you will get from eating sugar contained foods . So think  twice before consuming sugar contain foods and also remember the main content of any energy drink is sugar.




As you know salt is an indispensable part in our daily diet. Mostly we  use salt  for taste in our diet and also our body need it for it’s  proper functioning .

The chemical name of salt is sodium chloride , sodium is the component we need to pay attention which cause our body negatively if the consumption level exceed the prescribed one.


 Doctors are recommended not to use more than six gram or one table spoon of salt . Mostly it depends on our body , some body needs more some not . It is better to consult a doctor or nutritionist before using too much salt .

Salts are many types for example Himalayan pink salt , sea salt , table salt , kosher salt like this it continues . Mostly peoples consider sea salt is consider as healthy salt as compare to table salt. Before get into deep let me explain what is the major difference between table salt and sea salt.


Yes it is true sea salt contain more minerals as compare to table salt because sea salt is obtained from evaporating sea water or salt water lake with little processing  where as table salt is obtained from underground after refining process having no minerals  . Sea salt is obtained from evaporating sea water or from  salt water lake with little processing depends on source . With little processing sea salt contains some minerals.



Most of the people not aware about the salt consumption in our diet. which plays a vital role in functioning of human body. Before we talk about salt we need to  understand what salt is , what it’s  major role in our human body.


If you eat too much salt, the extra water stored in your body get slowly empty and raise your blood pressure. So, the more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure. The higher your blood pressure, the greater the strain on your heart, arteries, kidneys and brain. This can lead to heart attacks, strokes, dementia and kidney disease.


Health authorities recommend between 1.5 and 2.3 grams of sodium per day. Yet, increasing evidence suggests that these guidelines may be too low. People with high blood pressure should not exceed 7 grams per day, but if you’re healthy, the amount of salt you’re currently consuming is likely safe. It is better to use some salt alternative to meet body requirements . Now let’s see it’s pros and cons of salt .


  • Used for taste in foods
  • dry salt is used in salt therapy
  • sea salt which contian some minerals and improves vascular health
  • salt consumption regulate blood pressure .



  • Excess consumption of salt result in hypertension.
  • Excess salt consumption causes heart attack , dementia , strokes .
  • kidney stone , stomach cancer and obesity may cause due to more salty food for example pickles , dry fish .
  • Oseoporosis is  another  which affect our body negatively due to excess salt.
  • Too much use of salt cause nausea , fatigue , muscle cramps , restlessness and depressions.




Most of the people think about seconds as seconds in  a minute . So don’t get misunderstand  it . Here I am talking about eating  , that is  some times peoples tends to eat more tasty  foods second times  .


 Whether it is  on any function or at home don’t eat food second time eat  only  the portion that your stomach needs so don’t eat on any temptation  .  It is better fill half your stomach always if you can’t do this then at least don’t eat up to you get feel your stomach got full  . This  happens mostly on sweet foods which I will tell you in detail in sugar section by the following .  If you want to eat second time then use small plates .


If you have the habit  of second time eating then use a small plate always  else you gain weight which leads to obesity which in turn invites many diseases . It is a psychological treatment for the second time eating peoples .  Remember the general rule  of thumb that is every thing should be in moderation. Shall we  go on to see what other  “S”  want to say.




As you know majority of the peoples have a common habit of snacking during the hours of day in a little or in large quantity  per day . Do you know different peoples have different lifestyles so that they eat snacks on different interval of times . For example different professionals , Non professionals , amateurs , common men’s eat snacks differently consider  a athlete eat snacks at different interval of time as per sports dietician which  is entirely different from a common man’s choice of eating snacks .


Some peoples eat snacks 2, 3 times in small quantity a day ,some 3 to 4 times in large  quantity and some eat more often . In short different  peoples have different metabolism rate so that they get prompt to eat snacks depending on  their pocket thickness . As well as adults ,


kids also needs snacks more often than adults to grow and maintain their energy levels because of their physical activities . Snacks are light foods often we eat in intermediate interval of times in a day. Snacks comes in different varieties from cookies to fruits and vegetables .


What snacks  you are  eating counts more than how much snacks your are eating . That is in other words  do select your snacks consciously else it may harm your health which in turn it will affect your mind also  , so that may be your a day or a weeks  get spoiled. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of eating  snacks


  • If you not aware of what snacks you are eating. It will add up the calories which in turn you subject to weight gain ,
  • If you not wash your teeth after snacking may leads to tooth decay.
  • Some times some snack’s taste may prompt you to eat more than you need .
  • Majority of the snacks are less nutritional value with more calorie .
  • Do eat sweet snacks consciously else you have to pay for it.



  • The right kind of snacks maintain your energy level so that you can feel more comfortable through out the day. In other words you have better control over your blood sugar and energy level.
  • Most of the snacks plays an important roles in a diet . That is it serves intermediate light foods which will help you to prevent from heavy diet.
  • It satisfies the people who feels hungry more often in a day especially for toddlers .
  • Nutritious and calorie less snacks will boost your brain activity much , helps bone development and raise your immunity .
  • When you feels more tired and running out of glucose in your blood It helps to mood change . That is it can alleviate mood switches and provide energy so that you can able to do your enthusiastically .


Ok guys these are some of the pros and cons about snacks that I know . Let’s see what healthy snacks  want to say.



  • Always give more priority to vegetable and fruits snacks.
  • An average man needs in between 1500 to 2000 calorie of energy . so make a limit on snacks , it is better to keep it under 150 calories of energy.
  • It is best idea to eat snacks in very small plates so that if any distractions happens while eating your snacks you will not get fall into any unhealthy issues and also you can pay more attention on it.
  • Avoid snacks high in sugar , salt ,white flour and fat instead consume snacks high in vitamins , minerals , proteins and fiber. For example eat apples, spinach , strawberries  ,cheese ,sweet potato , yogurt , milk ,peas ,hard boiled eggs , hummus, trail mix etc.
  • Don’t consume  snacks while you are in any work because of the distraction you can’t able to know how much you ate.
  • In our nature you can find a rhythm in every thing you see . For example sunrise at particular time ,like this we have different seasons on particular month each year , so that keep a time for your snacks so that your body get tuned with it .

Ok guys these are the some facts relevant to snacks that I know so choices is your.



The word service is common word so that you can say a lot of services in our life .  For example Doctor service , waiter service , pilot service , engineer’s service , lawyer service like this it’s go on .


It is  known fact that for any service there is a  predefined set of procedures and valuable actions to carry on . As you know different services requires  different set of education and training to carry them out . For example a doctor’s service is entirely different from a engineer’s service like this the service of an accountant is entirely different from a pilot’s service.


 If i talk  more about service then there is a scope to write a book of it more than thousand pages . It is the service which helps us  in many ways . Most of the people don’t know about it . For example if you are a waiter and you service better regardless of tips  in a restaurant , chances are you get raise in salary or get promote to high posts.


Like this if you service your wife then your bonding get strong , that is suppose your wife are in a busy in kitchen so that you do help her so that she get loves you more thus your relationship get strong. In our professional life also service plays an important role to mould your future.


As I said above I if you give a better service eventually either you will get increment in your salary or get a promotion. If nothing happens at least you get an good experience to know how to do things in better way so that you can get job any where  . It is one of the success formula of any business that is  QUALITY + SERVICE  + INNOVATION = Successful Business. .  


It is well known fact if you want successful in any business , pay more attention on service and innovation than price . Ok these are some tips about a business concerning service.

 In short whatever the service you are engaged in give your best of you . I created a formula for good service  . SERVICE = SPIRIT / ENTHUSIASM   + GOOD INTENTION + ACTION . Always remember peoples may forget your words but never forget your actions that’s it said “ Action speaks louder than words “ . So what legacy you want to left .


Saturday and Sunday are the weekend days so that you can get  relax and rejuvenate your selves. Apart from relaxing and enjoying please keep a little time for your creative work .  It is the time from which you can follow on your passions partially and your healthy habits so that it get nourish and later it will show it’s  compound effect.


 I say here healthy habits because habits are of two types one is healthy habits which helps you to grow so that later it will become handy for you and may be you will get it’s reward for  example reading  books , learning new skills, doing some creative work such as writing , painting , designing etc.   One of our  financial guru Robert kyoski says always accumulate asset than liabilities . So this good habits eventually become one of your asset .


Robert kyoski  wrote numerous books which will improve your Financial IQ  . Rich Dad Poor Dad , The real book of real estate , The business school , Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant, Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing and Rich dad’s  Retire young retire rich   are the among of.  He says learning new skills is also one of the asset you can hold for which it will reward you later in your life  .


where as other unhealthy habits are the one which hold you back from progressing for example watching movies more often ,playing video games ,chatting on social media . So Fill  your Saturday and Sunday with valuable actions with out harming others so that later you get it’s benefits.




As it is says a candle cannot burn  with out fire . Like this we cannot live with out spiritual. Love , Compassion , generosity ,  humility , acceptance ,gratitude , forgiveness  and prayer are the steps which leads to the gateway of spiritual .


In life never consider any human being be little because have you  ever heard the story of kautilya or chanakya . As a common man he become the king maker and the most wisest person in world . So be kind , generous and show compassion to other human beings .


Under any circumstance    do pray and show gratitude  to the lord  in the beginning of each day and every beginning of new ventures  because we all are a part  of our supreme lord . That’s why enlightened man says either god or devil resides in our mind . If we our intention and action are good then you can say that you following the spiritual path .


If you follow above said spiritual things  you  can able create heaven on earth so that we all can live in harmoniously  and peacefully  .

Ok guys these are the  “ S “ policy that I create for  you all and hope you enjoy this blog post please do share , comment and subscribe so that I get motivate to come up with more blog posts.

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