Rich Habits and Bad Habits

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One’s habit play an important role in his\her success so today I am going tell you you how to get rid of bad habits and adopt new Rich habits, are you ready ok let’s start.There is a quote that “habit  is either best of servant , or worst of masters – Nathaniel Emmons”.

As the quote says habit is a wonderful servant from which it save your time and effort and make things easier for you. if you can train your self to adopt good habits of health ,recreation, prompt decision making earning and work surely you will almost form the habit of success and happiness.

 on the other hand the worst and heaviest load you can weigh yourself down with  a bunch of bad habits. Here the question is how to discard bad habits and adopt new good habits ok follow me.

  • Break the bad habits

There are lots books written on methods and procedures for getting rid of , or breaking, bad habits.In this method bring the bad habit out into the open and force it into consciousness by repeating it intentionally.

For example one has the bad habits typing the key ‘e’ instead of ‘a’ , so press the key ‘e’ repeatedly and consciously and intentionally until you press the right key ‘a’.

This method will work on some bad habits not every bad habits for example if you smoke repeatedly and consciously and intentionally it will effect on your health and you smoking habit will increase.

One authority  suggest simply stopping by an act of will any habit you wish to get rid of .some habits are psychological origin for example you can tell someone who is stammered to stop stammering .

Here one need a guidance and support from psychologist. There has been much talk recently of hypnosis as panacea of eliminating bad habits. if hypnotism does help , it is for a short period of time only.

The habit may return in full force unless you keep submitting to hypnosis.secondly more important ,another bad habits takes the place of the one you got rid of previously. one can stop the habit of smoking\drinking if they really want so I can suggest stop complaining and start working to give up bad habits.

  • Make a new one instead

Replace the bad habits with good one really it will make you progress for example when you got an urge for smoking try to read a good books\write a letter to someone to whom you should have written long ago.

There are some bad habits you may don’t know but it annoys others so ask your friends about the bad habits you have and try to replace it with good ones Eramus said “A nail is driven out by another nail, habits is overcome habit”.

another method is challenge idea it can be great aid in breaking bad habits. if you really want to defeat the particular bad habit, tell your close friends about  it  and invite them to help you ,to deride you, if necessary if you make progress then adopt this method.

There is another method called 24 hour club in this method you will try to stay away from bad habits  a day that is why it is called 24 hour club.for example Don’t smoke\drink\use drugs a day , in the beginning do it two or three times in a week and gradually increase it here you are challenging your self so make a strong will power. you can apply this method on any bad habits you had.

  • Concentration is the key

Here you have to do things with attention and awareness how, where and what ,make this as a habit. when it becomes habit you won’t have time to concentrate on them any longer. For example if you have the habit of leaving the tooth paste  cap off the  tube then force yourself to concentrate on putting it back on.

look another example do you always leave the faucet dripping at night then force yourself to concentrate to put it off . a little concentration at beginning will save lots of time and effort later.once the thing become habit , you need hardly think about it anymore.

hope you enjoy this post and  don’t forget to share among your friends circle , so that I will come up different interesting topics.

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