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Hi Guys once again welcome back to my blog post. Wish you all to Have nice day . Today in this post I want say about some of the error messages you had seen in your daily life . Before that as usual I want to say please don’t forget to share ,subscribe , comment  and if possible give your valuable advice for the improvement of this blog site .

I say in daily life because no one is apart  from internet due to COVID even small children are using the net for their online class . Some times their  classes goes well some times due to network problems / any client side problem or server side problem they can’t able to attend their online classes .

 These all  technical problems does happens either  accidently or due to miss configurations  which shows it’s relevant error messages . Only those who know these messages can understand what it’s stand for  and what they need to do ahead.


That is a network engineer or network administrator can easily understand this error messages and able to necessary action to rectify it . As a common man as you and I some times beat the bush in anger , so after reading this post you got understand there is no need to get anger . Remember anger is a destructive emotions and decisions took on anger  will ruin your life .

In this post I want give a tech tips concerning web errors and it’s meaning . As you know some of the web errors that we found commonly in our digital gadgets is either from client side or server side . some times when we click on a link or type a web address on address bar of  web browser we get some error messages .  some of you know it’s meaning but common peoples like you and me not .  The web error is also known as http error codes because hyper text transfer protocol is mainly used for transferring web page to and from client and server.


Before talking about http error codes I want to tell you some thing about network. Network is a group of computer connected each other through a transmission media such as cable or wire. Mainly computer network is used for sharing information , services and devices among computers. For example look back 30  years ago consider a seven floor building with seven different offices of same company .  suppose office number one needs an data from office seven , what we will do ? . Usually we will either telephone the office number seven  from office one to get data or you have to go to office number seven via lift or staircase . In either case our valuable time get loss and the work become cumbersome. To avoid this computer network came  into the scene . You get better understand  from the figure given below .

 Computer network  are of mainly three types  such as Local Area Network (LAN) , Wide area network (WAN) and metropolitan Area network (MAN) . Now you have another question , then what is INTERNET? .Basically it is WAN network that  is it is network of network from which all connected devices including desktop computers, laptops , tablets , mobile phones , TVs , webcam , server , workstation or any other digital gadgets share the information among them on request. In other words  it is a globally interconnected WAN is called internet . Next I want to tell  you something about protocol .

Network protocol is a set of rules used to transmit data among different devices on a network.  For example traffic protocol  is a set of rules to avoid accidents and maintain the traffic.  Take another example  read this line “ I the saw  movie two times Jurassic park “ .


 It is a wrong sentence that make no sense .That is English language have a set of rules to follow for the proper communication . In network for different purposes we use different protocols .


 just like our government has different protocol used for different purposes . for example administrative protocol ,tax protocols , criminal protocol ,property protocol , labor protocol , company protocol  etc . For example TCP/IP is used for transferring data among computers in an internet , HTTP Protocol is used to transfer the web pages among the networks , while  FTP is used for file transfer , SMTP is used for mailing , telnet used for telenetworking like this continues.


 The last but not least thing I want say about is client and server. I think majority of network architecture  is based on client server model.  In short client is a computer which request for some service , say for printing , for a file , for web page  like this continues . And the duty of server computer (computer which is more power full computer with more processing power  and memory storage  )is to fulfill the request send by the client. from the picture below you can understand well .


The internet error or web errors (Http error) are broadly classified into five categories .

  • 1xx Error number starts with 1 shows informational messages
  • 2xx Error number starts with 2 shows successful messages  after successful action
  • 3xx Error number starts with 3 shows redirection messages
  • 4xx Error number starts with 4 shows client side error messages
  • 5xx Error number starts with 5 shows server side error messages


As I said above majority of computer network is based on client server model . All five types of  error messages helps a computer network engineer to rectify the network problems . The first three types of messages that is error message starts with 1 ,2 and 3 for specially network  engineers .we common peoples always encounter the error messages starts with 4 and 5 . Let’s see what are this types messages and it’s meanings.



As I said above the error starts with 4 is a client side error messages . In other words the request send by client so that server can’t understand it . So it is client side network problem from which we can understand , it get happen due to misspelling the web address  or any caching problem in browser  or  web browser malfunctioning (Mozilla firefox, opera , chrome , safari ) or from bad internet connection. you can fix it by double check the web address or  clear the cache in web browser or use search engine to surf the site you want . last check your  internet connection .




It is also a client side network problem from which we can understand it get happen due wrong user name and password . In other words this error occurs when we try to access a website which needs username and password for login by wrong username and password .  So if you are authorized person you will get required username and password  from the web master else you have to create an account either under the permission of web master or not.



This error comes on to the scene when we try to access  restricted pages  via a link or URL of a website . That means some websites have some restricted web pages or  directories need authorization to access. some times it is authorized only for web masters or need an account for common users .To fix this problem go to the home page see is there any sign up option is available or not if yes sign up and get access the desired web pages. After that signing up it is not get solved then you are forbidden to that web page.



It is one of the common web error we may confront while surfing the net . This type of error pop up when we try to access a web page that not exist in web server . it may happen due to misspelling of web address  or from broken link or web master either move the requested web page in some other web sites temporarily or delete it . So double  check the web URL  or use search engine  fix it .



As it starts with 4xx so it is a client side network problem . This error get may happen when  a client not fulfill it’s request within in time slot allotted by a  server . It may occur either heavy work load on client computer or some times work load on  server computer. so try again after some time.



This is one type of error 404 page not found . When this error shows then one thing is clear that the requested web page by a client computer gone forever . In other words the confirmed version of error 404 is called error 408 . If the web master moved to some other websites then it have to re index by google . So double check the URL or surf the site by a search engine.



As this error starts with 5 so it is a server side problem .It is one of the common computer network error happen mostly . This error may happen due to overloading  or miss configuration of a server . Overloading means server can’t able to serve web pages to client computers because of too much request web page requests. miss configuration means either hardware or software installed on server is not properly configured.



This is a server side problem indicates that the web server is experiencing an overload, the server is out of date, or that the server is incapable of properly responding to your browser’s request.  To know how to fix it click here.




As it starts with 5xx so it is a server side problem . let’s see what is the problem . Do you know internet is formed by connecting different WAN (wide area network) across the countries. And different WAN may have different servers to perform particular action for example web serve serves web pages , Network area storage  server serves storage area to common users ( google drive , cloud storage), printer server serves printer service like this continues. The computer network is always build on a hierarchy to avoid much problems in future .


 For example consider two local area network( LAN1 ) in which file server is connected  is on first floor and local area network (LAN2 )is connected on second floor . And both server are connected to internet ( WAN )  . like this WAN  is connected to many other servers in internet  .  So when ever a communication problems arise among these servers this error message pop up on the screen. Mostly it get happen by miss configuration on any of the server in our internet connection.



This is also a server side problem from which we can understand either web site maintenance is going on  or heavy overload occurred on server because of lack of enough CPU power or storage capacity to handle the incoming requests . It will become back to normal condition after some delay . To know more about click here.



This is similar to 408 request time out only difference is it get happen among servers on our internet connection path. As I said above internet is network formed by connecting so many WANs across the country and many WAN includes many servers. when we request a web page then there is path /route get form for the passage of data between client (net using device)  and server . So in this network route there are many servers play their roles  to fulfill the client’s requests , if any server respond lately/slowly from it’s  allotted time then this type of error messages came into scene.  To fix this problem try after some time or check other websites . if you can access other websites then it’s  a server problem , so try again.


Hope you enjoy this post and  please don’t forget to share , comment and give your valuable advice for the improvement of this blog site.


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