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Hi guys once again welcome back to my blog . Mean while took a break because of my tight work schedules. In my tight schedule work I learn a thing that I want to share with you. Have you ever think is it smart work or hard work wins the race in our life. I know most of the guys may say hard work , but in real life hard work is not enough to win the race . Then you may ask then what one needs? . Yes guys one needs smart work to wins the race .

 To say more clearly before doing any thing  put 20 percent of time for planning  then spend 80 percent of time how to execute it in less time is called smart work. where as doing same thing over and over without any planning , strategies and adopting easiest alternatives   is called hard work . To illustrate this I will tell a small story of a two wood cutter.

 once  there were a two cutter and they got paid for the quantities of trees they cut.  wood cutter A got paid more than wood cutter B  , wood cutter B asked the owner why don’t  you pay me much amount as  wood cutter A . Then the owner told  wood cutter B , I pay him more because he cut more trees than you . The owner said  Go and watch what he does to cut more trees .

 After hearing this wood cutter B observed wood cutter A and came to know that he sharpen his saws after every half an hour so that he can able to cut more trees . From this story what you learn ? , now tell me is it hard work or smart work wins the race?.  See hard work is a small part of smart work  .

 Let’s  look into another example  suppose there are two man namely james  and john  both want to attend same interview on Monday . james   take necessary steps to be prepare his interview  such as taking copies of his certificate and  made a attracting  resume , washing his clothes  to wear on interview , ironing his cloths , get know some details of a company such as what’s  company stands for , how many employees are working there , what he can able to contribute  the company he applied for , is there any scope of his career development in the company he applied for.

 Like this he also prepare to answer the some common interview questions such as  , introduce yourself ? ,what are your strengths  and weakness ? what do you know about our company ? etc. . And at last he find out the shortest and traffic less  route via Google Map to attend interview venue. On the other hand john with out much preparation ,  he tried  to attend the interview .

Now can you tell me who will have more chance to get job in this scenario. No  doubt james will have more chance to get the job in the company where john also applied for. In our life we can see there are many peoples doing labour works from day to night , but can’t able to earn much , can’t able to live a prosperous life  as compare to smart labors.

 smart labors make , protect and budget their money. Take another example there are many students in a class but few of them score well in the exam without much effort because they study their subjects smartly. smart students schedule their studies prior to exam  and  jot down the main points on a note book  or mark /underline the main points  so that they can easily revise on exam times with out wasting much time as compare hard work students  who study from day to night.

Hard work students study more hours , but score less in the exam . I think now you got understand either smart work or hard work one needs to win the race. Now the question is how do we become smart? . Just follow the following rules in your life, I am pretty sure you will become more smart and more successful  in your life . Let’s see what are the things to follow.

  • Deep understanding.

The very first step to become smart is one should study the current  problems , worries or difficulties from top to bottom . Then only one get an overall picture about the things you are facing. For example suppose I want to give a sales presentation of a product  to a customer . For this I have to know all the facts about the product from top to bottom. Then only I can able to answer all the questions of a customer.

  • planning 

The  second step is planning  . As the word plan means preparation of actions to do something in future . There is a saying “Proper planning prevents poor performance “. Yes it is true in every walk of life .Before doing any thing just put few minutes for planning or apply 80/20 rule . That is put 20% of time on planning  before doing any thing .

As per my previous example sales presentation for this I have to plan different sales presentation for different customers before attending them.   Suppose if I am medical representative I will not give same sales presentation of my new medicine  to a Doctor , lawyer , police officer , common peoples , neighborhoods  etc.  Remember one should have to plan based upon  understanding the  ground level situation.

  • strategies 

strategies means different techniques we adopt for the fulfillment of our plan. For example suppose I  am a medical representative  then I will not use the same sales strategies  for every categories of peoples such as professionals , entrepreneurs , employees   , labors and common peoples. That  is if I want to  sale my new medicine to a doctor then I should I have to explains it’s pros and cons in detail .

where as if I want to sale my medicine to entrepreneur then I will tell it’s  benefits they get . suppose if I want to sale my new medicine to common peoples then I will tell some sugar coated words such as in this dress you look smart and young .Then connect them by asking some questions such as how are you ? what’s your name ? , what are you doing? etc. See here I used different sales strategies for different category  of peoples. Remember always make strategies based on realities.

  • prioritization

The next step is prioritize the list of tasks  of a process under taken. prioritization means doing things in right order based on it’s importance at right time. That is put  numbers 1,2,3….. on the list of tasks  based on it’s importance , then do the list of tasks at right time. You will better understand by the following example . consider I want to make a cup of tea then list of actions in right order are

  1. Take a half cup of water from the water filter.
  2. Add half cup of milk on it.
  3. Then pour the mixture  in a tea pot.
  4. switch on the Heater / Gas stove .
  5. place the tea pot on the gas stove.
  6. wait until the milk get boil.
  7. put one or two spoon tea powder based on your taste.
  8. Take the tea pot from stove after few seconds.
  9. Filter the tea using filter pan.
  10.  add one or two spoon sugar in it and serve hot or drink hot.

These are the list of actions for a simple process of  making tea . If I take the actions on random order you can’t able to make a good tea of your choice. So prioritize the list of actions  , for this first jot down all the list of of  actions  then prioritize by putting numbers 1,2,3…. based on it’s importance.

  • Executing

The last step  is to execute the list of actions using best available and easiest alternative ways. That is select the way which consume less time and effort . For example  suppose I want to travel from A to B , there are many ways  available to travel from A to B . But choose the way which is less traffic and take less time for this you can use Google map or get guidance from friends and acquaintance .

Hope you enjoy this post , please do share as much as possible so that it will encourage me to come up with new interesting posts.

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