How To Retain Persistence

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You heard the word persistence a lot in your life . But one thing is sure without persistence  we can’t achieve anything in our life whether it is officially or personaly. For example look our great scientist Thomas Alva Edison he invent the incandescent bulb after thousand experiment.

See if he drop after 100 experiment  he can’t  able to invent the incandescent bulb. once a news reporter asked Edison you are a idiot person that is why you take 1000 experiment to invent incandescent bulb.

 On reply to news reporter Edison said I know I invent incandescent bulb after thousand experiment  , but I also know that  ‘in thousand ways it will not work’.  One of our reverent swami vivekanandan  said “ try ,try , try again until your goal is reached”.

So wake up , rise up  and act up until   you meet your goals. Like  this there are thousands of inspirational stories I know if I narrate all  this stories in this post it become lengthy  and you get bore soon. Persistence  require  a strong determination , again determination require strong will power .

 If you attain these two quality in your life then reading this post is waste of your time. I know in this modern world there are lots of distractions get happen but once you determined then do it persistently no matter what ever happens. 

Generally peoples after several attempts lose their persistence and confidence  ,they got frustrated when they did not achieve their goal. Most of the peoples start with great interest but after few days their interest fade up because of their unfulfilled goals.

 Have you ever think how to overcome this problem .But one thing is sure all this is happen due the lack of our persistence . if you maintain your persistence day by day  you are reaching your goal near by near and one day you will meet your goal definitely .

In this post I will give you a six tips to maintain your persistency . Ok  Just have a look on this  six tips.

1.Make Specific And Realistic Goal

Make Specific and realistic goals means set a goal that you can achieve in certain period of time . For example suppose your weight is 98 Kg and wish to lower down to 45 Kg in a month . Think is it possible or not  I am not telling  it is impossible , rather it is possible but require  time.

 That is why  I am saying , that  you have to set a goal which is attainable within certain period of time so called realistic. There is saying “Don’t try to sing a song to a pig  , it will waste your time and annoy the pig”. So the very first step to keep your persistency is set a goal which is specific  and realistic.

2. Plan Or Schedule It

Once you set a specific and realistic goal then you have to plan how to workout this plan . That is Persistence require actions , action requires planning if you do anything thoughtlessly you will fall in endanger .

 planning means when do you will carry out this action in a day. As per above example if you really want to reduce your weight you have to carry out some exercises or yoga either in  morning or in evening .

 And set a time limit to do this exercise for example do exercise daily 30 minutes or 45 minutes or above One hour as per your choice. so plan or schedule your actions to meet your goal.

3.Create Remiders

After planning  it’s time to create reminders . It is very important thing to maintain your persistence consistently  because some times when you engage   in some work may be you got forgot ,so create a reminder.

You can create Reminders in many forms , that in the form of labels and stick on wall where your it’s visibility is more , in the form of alarm in mobile phones , tell this to one of  your house member  to remind you.

I always set a alarm in my smart phones for this I record my voice  in my smart phone by saying “ Mr anup shall I remind you one thing  , it’s time to exercise  so get up “ . and set this voice record to my alarm reminder half hour early. That is if I want to do yoga 6 ‘o’ clock at morning then I set my alarm 5:30 AM so in mean while  5.30 to 6.0 clock I do my daily routines (brushing ,toilets and bathing ).

4.Reward Yourself

Fourth step is to reward yourself  that is after few weeks  of attempts  tell to your friends or house members about your persistence so that they can treat you well.

This reward will boost your confidence as well as your esteem also so that on coming days you can able to do more with enthusiastically. That is why great coaches in sports reward new comers so that they can maintain their persistency.  So don’t forget to reward yourself as well as others also.

5.Make Accountability

In this step you have to measure your performance . For this you have to maintain daily evaluation report in a book or dairy . For example  give ten marks each day if you had done your activity else give zero mark like this mark each day .

 so  that you can spot in which week you scored more  and in which week you scored less . Scoring less mark will provoke to do persistently each day. So keep a evaluation report and mark it down persistently so that you can able to see your growth which will give you more confidant.

6. Monitor by other person

The last step to keep your persistence is to monitoring your daily activties  relevant to your goal. For this you can take an assistance either from your friends circle or from you family members to monitor your work.

 Doing this will create an impact on your subconscious mind , saying somebody is watching your activity so that it will create a tendency to do persistently.

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