How much a problem weigh?

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How much a problem weighs?

Hi guys what’s going up ok any way today I am came up with a small motivational story may be some of you  heard of it ok don’t feel bad once again I just remind you. This is a motivational story between a professor and group of student ok  let’s start the story. once a professor entered the class room with half filled glass of water and asked student what is this?.

students: it is a half filled glass of water .

professor: Do you know how much weigh it ?.

students: some said 100 gram , some 200 gram some 150 gram.

professor: said it  may be  less than 200 gram ok whatever may be      

  the weight is what will happen if I hold it for a minute?.

students: Nothing will happen special.

professor: what will happen if I hold for one hour?.

students: may be you feel little pain on your finger.

professor: what will happen if I hold it for day long?.

students: surely it will impact your body very badly.

professor: said it may be  150 gram of weight then how does

                   it impact my body?.

students: get amazed and look each other.

professor: said it doesn’t matter how much it weigh , it matters how

long I am  holding it that is why I will get pain over my body for holding a day .

professor : it is true in our life also that is many peoples have their

own  problems  may be some small some big whatever may be it if we  hold it for long it will impact us very bad , some fall in dipression ,some in stress , some in  mediocre etc.

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Ok guys see you in next post till then read my each post and share among your circles so that I will come up with very interesting topics , bye take care of yourself.

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