Get Know Your Strength

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Get Know Your Strength

Hi guys welcome back to my another blog post find your strength .As you know every people have their own interests , hobbies and passions in their life  . It varies from individual to individual . For example some may interest in singing where as some interests in dancing , playing piano, violin , sports like this it’s goes on. In this competition  world you need to know your  own unique strength .


 So if you know  your strength then polish and nourish it .  It will pay more dividends in long term in your life . And surely you will be progress on your strength and can  achieve many things according to your goals. Now a days there are many tests available to find our strength .


While finding one’s strength it is necessary to find out one’s weakness also because it will waste our body , mind and time , so that one can minimize it and boost one’s strength. For example some waste more time on watching TV programs , playing in door and out door games unnecessarily .


I am not telling you to avoid this type of entertainment  completely but keep  a time block for your each entertainment so that you can use time efficiently . There is saying “ Everything in moderation is good “  it is true I all ways suppose if you eat chocolate too much then any stomach problem will occurs .


see another example  if you read or exercise too much then it will affect adversely on your body.   Do you know time is more valuable than money in every aspect but it depends on individual to individual , that is how they utilize their time polishing and nourishing their strengths.  


Remember don’t ever fall in any type of drugs addiction , I know from many books it will give instant sensual pleasure for a short period of time on one side and eventually  it will ruin your body and mind  on other side .


Today I am going to tell one of the most popular tests that commonly used to find out one’s strength .Here I am going to tell you the six ways to find your strength   Let’s see what  they are .


If you find difficulties on finding your strength then get some get some aid from internet so that you can find your strength by answering some questions . It is the first step to browse the site  in which it contain many questions which help you to find your strength.


      2)   Get Feed back from others

The second step to find your strength is that get feed back from your friends ,acquaintances , and family that you trust most. for example if  I am a singer and I can get feed back from my friends \ family \ acquaintances by asking which type of songs do they like most .


Then some says you are good in melody songs , some says your all songs are good , some says you have to improve little bit so that you can sing a song of all types .


See here you have consider what the majority of the peoples says about your songs . Then take action on it so that you can improve it . Like this you can ask other questions to your friends , relatives and  acquaintances  to know your other strengths. For example you can ask in what I am good at? .   

      3)   self observation

The third step is to find our strength is to observe ourselves carefully . next step is to  list out all your interest , hobbies and passions . See in which you are more good at and passionate . But Remember interests and passion are two different things .


 For example if any activity you are doing on your interests , you will get bore after a short period of time where as while you are doing any activity on your passion , you will not get bore and will continue for long period of time tirelessly  . Always follow and  give more attention to your  passions which is relevant to your goals .


for example I am more interest in playing cricket , but more passion on reading books . from this if I will give more attention to reading good books so that I will get  improve my knowledge and eventually it will expand your mind so that I can face any problem with positive mental attitude. This is my case like this

    4)    learn From previous success

The fourth step is to list out your achievement or  success in your life so that   you have remember what you learn from it. As you know experience is the world’s best teacher in the world .




 If you use your experience in right direction you will achieve more from it  . Experiences are either positive or negative  . If it is negative learn from it where as if it is positive see whether it will happen repeatedly . If it is happen repeatedly on same thing then you can consider it as your strength.


     5)   By choosing suitable career

The fourth step is select suitable career in which you have more strength. For example A is playing cricket well if you put A in football ground normally he can’t perform well because A is more strength in cricket than football. like this one can perform more by selecting suitable career of their taste.

     6)   Regular self Evaluation

Evaluate your each day that is list out the things you had done today and how much it differ from past days . If any evaluate  it by means of performance . from this one will get know their mistakes and can correct in future so that he or she will get more strength .

Hope you know your strength and weakness and enjoy this post .Please do share among your circle so that I will come up with more motivational and influential tips .



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