Four Horses that you don’t know

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Hi guys welcome back to my blog today I am going to tell  a story  that I heard from swami’s Niranjan’s lecture . Once there was a king and he had four wild horses . I say wild horse because king find difficult to train it by some body . He call many trainers but no fruit full result . At last one young man and told the king that he is much confidant to train this four horses. king gave premonition  that many trainers came  and get injured and  some  got sick  fractured.

at last king said  young man ok try your luck but the young man put a condition that all the four horses will live with him . King agreed his condition and give permission to take care of his horses . several months  passed and , king get anxiety about their horses . one day the king get out in search of his horses after long travel he saw the horse from far walking one by one on a line .He became very happy to saw this scene because every one failed  and this young guy got successes in his mission. He asked  the young guy how did he get trained  his horses.

He said first I try to  get  acquaintance  with them for this I leave the horses in a ground freely . And imitate it that is when the horse get run he will also get run , when the horse get sleep he will also get sleep , like this he imitate whatever the horses do. Like this days  passed at last the horse think that he is the fifth horse . Eventually he put seat belt on it’s  body , at first it refused after several time horse get adapt with it . Like this he trained every thing  one by one to all the four horses. Hearing this king become very happy and give many consolation  prizes to this young guy and offer a trainer job .

from the above story you got know the young guy first made friendship with the four horses . Then after he trained each horses like this there are four horses in our mind They are MIND , THOUGHT , INTELLIGENCE  and  JEALOUSY . we  can use the same principle to control this four horses that is first leave them free  then  make friendship with it then control one by one then you can see the miracles in your life . Let’s see one by one .

  • Mind

Our mind and physical body are linked each others so whenever any one got problem will affect other one. That is if your mind is not in comfortable state state you will not enjoy  whatever you do . Think no external  device can replace your mind . see  our Behaviour is the result of the state we are in , our state is determined by two factor

        1.Internal Representation

                what and how we picture in our mind .what we hear and what we say to  ourselves in our mind.


                posture , biochemistry, breathing, muscular tension / realizations. That is when one’s mind change then his / her physical reactions also changes.

  • Thought

In computer field have ever heard the word GIGO – Garbage in Garbage out . Like wise whatever you put it in your mind it leads to creation of thoughts which leads to action. That’s when students plays war games more often then their mind adapt to become like that . For example when you see horror movies more often then you will become more fearful on nights even though with you family. So to do good things we have to put good things in our mind , so do  read good books , select good friendships , think alternative ways to do things that are doing conventionally , be proactive and creative .

  • Intelligence

One can improve his / her intelligence from many sources , such as from book reading , internet , own experience’s  and other’s experiences , making new ideas etc. Remember before doing anything first understand it well using your intelligence so that you can cope up with little mistakes while doing it.

  • Jealousy

As you know a general rule of thump that is everything in moderation is good. Like wise if jealous is in moderation it will not harm you , instead if it is in excess it will ruin your life. For example you got little bit jealous when your colleagues score more mark than you. So do smart work to beat them , which will leads  to improve your selves ,instead every time you feeling  jealous  over them again and again make your mind worse which may leads to do crimes.

so try to put this four horses under control  in our body  I am sure success will follows you  one by one .

Hope you enjoy this post , do please share among your peers . So that I will come up very interesting and unique contents.

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