Fake Or Fact You Read .

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Hi guys welcome back to my another blog post  . In this modern world  we hear news ,get information , data from many sources but have you ever think about it how much reliable it is  . Most of the peoples believe that they get any information under the sun on Google .


 Yes you can get information relevant to your query on search engine but some times we can’t able to say how much reliable it is . You have to believe the fact that nothing is new under the sun , it’s already there with the aid of science man discover or invent it . To some extent it is true but we have to verify it before applying in our life .


 So the question is how do we figure out the validity of a information that we get from different sources . May this blog post help you to figure out it .    Today I am going to  give you some tips on how to filter  out the fact from  the fake news .


As you know now a days people use different , different types of social media in their life relevant to their countries . And also it’s  becoming as a daily routine that people check their social media after they got wake up in the morning .


So there is no need to say how much  social media plays important role in our day to day life . Albert Einstein once said “ There is no good or bad thing in this universe  but our thought make it so “. 


In other words we human being discriminate good from bad by our intelligence . Now there is a question how does man improve their intelligence , there is no medicine or food available in this world so that one get improve his / her intelligence .


 Have you ever think about it if no  Ok I will tell you ! it get improve either thorough our experiences / knowing experiences of others  or from the facts and figures from different educational system .  Every thing in this world have it’s own pros and cons in which man have to discriminate it by his / her intelligence .


Like wise our social media have it’s own pros and cons so that we have to handle it consciously else it may lead different consequences  such as ,fake marketing ,suicides , defamation , nudity etc . To control this there is also certain laws adopted by  our governments such as ethical hacking , cyber law , cyber cell ,public law etc .


As you know in every country there is there own laws in which peoples there are  bound to obey it . Besides this some percentage of crimes is happening  every where .


If we analyze such cases we get know that social media plays some  crucial roles in some cases . So what I want to say is don’t much expose your personal life events through social media because every body will not take on same sense . Ok guys these are the some facts regarding social media that I know a little .


 Come to  our post in  this post I want to say is how much one can rely a information and what are the multiple ways to figure out it . Some times social media   will be either helpful or some times it will be a  fake full . I know most of the peoples today got read news  through online  than our conventional news channel like  Tv ,news paper and  radio etc . I think in future people will give more importance to social media than oxygen because things are going like this.



 On the base of this I think why don’t write a post on this. Have you ever think about a news or an article you read on social media is from genuine source  or not . I know most of the people forward  the post to his friends or relative as they got read the post from social media.


Do you know there are many reasons behind spreading of fake news some for defamation, some for money  or some for popularity ,some for advertisements , some for terrorism ,and some for revenge like this goes on .



 Fake news comes in different forms such as  in text  ,picture ,website links,video and voice. Any way by  reading this post you get know in which category a fake news  belongs that  you read or heard. Some times fake news also play game with in our life that is why  there are many crimes ,communal disharmony ,defamation ,wars,suicides occurs on fake news in our society.



 As the technology got advancing  by each year I don’t know why do people believe  on  fake news . what are the technologies available to check it’s authenticity .Some sites intentionally write false  ,humourus stories under the satire genre.



For example some believes the publications or posts in onion site is  satirical. But if there’s any doubt just click on sites “About Us”  tab. The information there says some other humorous bits. Now the onion enjoys a daily readership of 4.3 trillion and has grown most powerful and influential organization in the world .



Most of the  character names  the onion uses in their  stories are invented one except in cases where public figures are being satirized. In fact , one study found that more than 25 percent of Americans visited a fake news website in a six week period during the 2016 U.S presidential election. So consider fake news is a very very serious issue just like many relational breakups happens on some misunderstanding .


 Some times real things astounds us from what we saw really . So check it’s authenticity and make sure it’s from  genuine source before forwarding or taking any action . As you know Internet is a big ware house of data and information . Some will be genuine and some not . By reading this post you can able to spot fake news to some extent . Let’s see how to fish out them.



1.Unbelievable Headline / Catchy Headline

most often the fake news are spread out on media’s  by unbelievable or catchy headlines with exclamation marks to draw the readers attention. If you want to  know the truth just googling some key words from the headline. For example  consider fake news “ Narendra Modhi is the best PM by unesco” . Here you just google using the keyword “Modhi best PM UNESCO “ , then you can get most relevant research results about  the truth. 

2.Maintain Bias

check your bias on fake news that is most of the peoples have their own likes and dislikes . For example suppose you dislike the actress  William smith   , if I heard a fake news on her normally you got believe  it. 

 But here you have to maintain your bias whether you dislike her or not , no matter whatever it is but  don’t share or talk about this , on coming days may be you be wrong . what I mean is don’t trust any news on your likes and dislikes and keep your emotions under control. 

Take another example  some parents love their youngest one most so that  whatever he/she does they will ignore it than other kids . So maintain bias in our family and in our education system so that coming generation follow it  . 

3.Who Is The Author

The next thing is about the author of the article check the author name. Got to the organization’s web site and visit its “about us” section. check if they includes information or s specific view point other than reporting objective facts. see if they include anything about employing professional news journalists, or if their content is created by people without professional experience. 

 For example , the Onion’s About page mentions its readership is 4.3 trillion which is a lot more than the Earth’s population. Aside from obvious satire, be skeptical  if an organization talks about conspiracies or advancing a particular ideology.


4.Check Spelling

Most of the time fake news contain lots of spelling mistakes and poor grammar which are red flags. A reliable story’s content should meet academic standards. Be skeptical if you see phrases in all capitals, excessive punctuation(!!!) , and other attention-grabbing devices. Some times double meaning words may mislead to wrong decisions . 

There are so many words available in our English language so that some times we subject to misunderstand it  . For example the word  CURRENT describes  that is modern or happening now on its adjective form , and in the noun form  it describes the  direction and speed of the flow of liquid . 

Like this there are so many words have different meaning on its adjective and noun form for example see this words  JAM , SEASON , BUCKLE ,SQUASH ,DRAFT ,SEASON , POOL  etc are among this .Meeting academic standards  doesn’t mean using complicated words and sentence structures. 

5.Date And Time

some times some news put us in dilemma because of our ignorance  . One such ignorance is checking the date and time of data . In foreign countries if the shopkeeper sales expired stuffs then he / she have to pay the penalty .


So how can we fix and know whether the information we got is updated one or an old one . It is only possible by checking the date and time of news we got .


One should apply this in every walk of life  that is why sometimes people got in serious diseases by consuming expired medicine . Like this people got serious problem in their stomach by eating foods from  unknown restaurants , here how can we sure whether we ate some old stuff in new tasty flavor so be careful. The same thing we should have to apply in the case of news .


 That is  while reading the article in news please check the date of the news . some news are reported in past  but some times it will be recycled  or fabricated again on news media. In other words the same dish in different , different flavors . So check the date precisely  , as older articles might include outdated information.



For example suppose some one  shared an article about a military conflict happened  5 year ago, but the nations involved are now at peace. If you read the story without checking  the date, it might seem like those nations were once again at war.


6.About Us And Contact Us Information

The information in about us and contact us will tell you more  about the website . googling  this information  will give you information from which you can underestimate  the news whether it is reliable one or not.


For example suppose there is a two person namely A and B .A is a man of integrity with many goodness , where as B is just opposite of A . That is B is untrustworthy ,cheating , lying in every means. Suppose you know the characters of A and B and  told you about a same subject one after another . From whom you rely most it’s none other than A  because you know he is trustworthy . Like this you have to reassure the integrity of the information you got by analyzing the contact information deeply.


7.Check The source

Another one of the important step to assure the integrity of the information is check the source from which the fake  news came . Check whether the story has been picked up by other well-known news publishers.  


Stories from organizations  like Reuters,CNN and the BBC. one should have to check and verify it  beforehand before any further process. If the information you have isn’t  from a well-known source like these , there’s a chance that it could be fake. So if you see a suspicious post that looks like it’s from CNN then verify it soon by surfing the CNN’s website or media channel.

8.Investigate The Picture

Most of the fake pictures are manipulated one . If you feel suspicious about a picture then download and save  on your mobile or computer or laptop. Then do reverse engineering  that is open the web site www.images.google.com  then upload the image you saved ,after click on search button . see the picture below you will get know how important the picture is .

After this you will get a lots of images matching your images  from this you can able to find which one is fake and which one is real , it is called reverse image search. It is not ended there now a days when you google you get know there many offline softwares as well as many online websites available on internet.  


Among them most of them is paid softwares and web portals  and free softwares and web portals with limited features.  You can get aid from it also if you need most . Investigating picture also helps in other aspects of our life such as marriage proposals , for shopping , in cybercells , local polices  etc.

9.Check the URL and DOMAIN

Some times we make mistakes unknowingly without checking the URL and Domain of a website . Now you ask what is domain and url , ok I will tell simply . for example consider a address below


City name

street number

house number


country name

By knowing above address one can easily locate a person . Like this there are many companies computer network resources are spread and  interconnected in internet  all over the world . To locate this resources one have to know  it’s destination path  that destination path is called UNIFORM RESOURCE LOACTAOR .


for example consider the URL  https://www.amazon.in/books/seven-habits-of-highly-effective-people . Here a book namely  “Seven habits of highly effective people “ is requested by a Indian customer on Amazon’s Indian branch  so it’s URL looks like this “https://www.amazon.in/books/seven-habits-of-highly-effective-people  “ as per above example of address see how it looks.

Name      –   website name

Domain  Name –   Amazon

Domain Name Extension –  .in

Address  –   Ip address and  network address.

Location – india

Now comes to know about what is domain ? . Domain is a part of URL  in which it helps to locate a resource easily on internet , that is the word comes after www. and @ in email address  .


There are  domain names and domain name extensions exists from which we have to differentiate it . from the above example amazon is the domain name and “.in” is the it’s domain name extensions .



For example there are many commercial websites ends in (.com) , organization sites ends in  (.org), tv  sites ends  (.tv),educational institutions sites ends in (.edu), country sites ends in (.in , .ae ,.fr ,.us….), Government agencies sites ends in (.gov) , network organization sites ends in  (.net) ,military  sites ends in(.mil). From the picture below you get know more about it.


Ok guys it’s little knowledge I know about domain and url . While evaluating the website address check  the URL of the page you are surfing , too  (A URL , or Uniform resource locator , is web address that helps browser to find a site on the internet).


Some times some fake website address looks similar to real one in a glance but if you deeply check ! you can get know there is a small difference in it that majority of the peoples ignores . For example see the website URL Https:// www.facebookk.com\anupasalam    now can you able to tell what  this URL tells all about  .


 In a glance you will it’s some one facebook profile ID address but if look closely you can able to see the illusion hide in it .see here the fackebook website  address is misspelled , see another example http://www.facebook.com .co  in this url  after .com domain  is tagged with.co like this check the url before any action.

10 . Fact checking website

There are many online sites available for us to check the facts of fake news such as

 from this sites you will get real scenes behind the fake news.


some stories that you will encounter will sound “wrong” but won’t necessarily be fake news. They could be intentional satire, for example may be something comes from a humorous website , like The Onion or the The Daily Mash.




Through this post I want to tell you that before taking any action on any information just follow above suggested steps and make assure about it so that we can avoid many  negative consequences in our life . So take decisions on reliable facts than on assumptions . Ok guys these are some knowledge  that I know to assure a information . If you know any other methods to check the validity of a information please comment on me so that I will get update my post as well as my knowledge .


Hope you enjoy this post please do share among your circle so that I will come with more interesting tips .

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