Does Vishnu Gupt have business  knowledge?

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HI guys how are you, what’s going up ok once again welcome back to my blog . Please do read my every blog post completely and do comment  , share and subscribe . Today I am going to give a very interesting topic that is how get succeed in any business that you wish to startup . May be you read a some business management books  , some may help you and some not. I am going to give you ten business tips  of chanakya.


 Do you know who is chanakya , he is the greatest wise men ever lived  in india  on both politics and economy. He is son of chanak  , that is why he got the name chanakya because of his sharp intelligence even enemies can’t able to find his strategies and moves. That is why  He got the another name called   kautilya , besides this he is the advisor of the king Chandragupta.

Not only was Kautilya a man of letters and a shrewd statesman, but he also had profound knowledge of political science, military strategy, and economics. He was the best known professor of politics and economics at the world renowned Takshashila Gurukul (university) in ancient India. He was the advisor to the first Maurya king, Chandragupta, and later became the Prime Minister of his kingdom.


Kautilya, also known as Chanakya and Vishnugupta, wrote the Arthashastra in the second century AD though the date has not been conclusively established. A master stategist who was well-versed in the Vedas and adept at creating intrigues and devising political stratagems, Kautilya was the man who destroyed the Nanda dynasty and installed Chandragupta Maurya as the king of Magadha.


In this modern world many of the  business management  principles are based on chanakya’s principle in fact majority of the peoples doesn’t  know about it. Ok guys these are the some facts about chanakya , now lets see how do chanakya  help us in business so let’s explore his ten business lessons one by one. 

1.never use foul language.

suppose in a city there are two business man namely A and B ,both selling cakes .Business man A ‘s cake is not sweet and good quality where as business man B’s cake is very  sweet and good quality . But Business man A is successful in his business ,than business man B . Do you know why , Business man A use soft words on his customers ,where as Business man B use foul languages .


In  general a business get flourish through a good quality  , service  and  price . The better service can also be achieved by using good words on customer rather than harsh  words . So the first lesson is those who use foul language soon moves towards destruction. It is also a negative impression in our day to day life that is using foul language either creates or invites enemies.




There is a saying  “ we can able to either create a heaven out of our mind or hell out of our mind “ . With little modification I can able to say that we can able to either create a enemy out of our tongue or friends out of our tongue. So better use of your tongue else you can able to create more enemies in your life that you can’t able to imagine.

2.Good will is more important.

Most of the business got fail because of the loan remittance either taken from bank or people. In business one should save money for future purposes . May this money will helpful in adversity .Remember Wife is more important than  money because she is his pride or Goodwill .


Suppose If a business man got two option that is  one is to acquire more money , and second one is save his business Goodwill  . what will you choose if you are business man ?. Ok it’s up to you ,here chanakya says whatever may be happened in business one should save his / her business goodwill .


For example some of you heard in news  when Samsung galaxy seven got blast , then Samsung company take all Samsung galaxy seven from their customers and return back their money to all customers. Take another example suppose your are a man of many good qualities so that peoples around you likes , trusts and values you much . Suppose one day you drank alcohol and some of your friends saw it , what they will tell about you afterwards .


 Have ever think about it they will say that here is our day gentleman came give him a peg of whisky , like this they make fun of you or criticize you .  In real you drank occasionally not always for that you may happen to hear all the bad word against you . So keep your good will and stick  on it .


See we can able to manage our money but  to protect  our good will from many obstacles in our life is little bit tough. So the second Business lesson from chanakya is never lose to  your companies Goodwill.  But remember one’s life is more important than goodwill .

3.One should Not be too honest as the straight trees are cut first on the forest.

If you want to live in this modern world  be little clever than too honest . Suppose I  do not drink alcohol but in a friends party I take  a pepsi  to drink . What will happen if suddenly a police came there and arrest your friends  for a public violence including you  why? because police  think that you get drink alcohol on pepsi .


So you can claim your innocence by asking police to take medical check up or ask them to take check up by using liquor  machine . Instead if you stand crying and calling your parents  will not rescue you at all .


See honesty is most admirable quality of human being but some times you need to go on wrong path to bring  out the truth of the matter under consideration  with least consequences  , then it will be worth than remain always too much honest . This strategy well used by our honorable police peoples .

They will play different types of drama / strategies  on us to bring out the truth . Chanakya  says  never be too honest  as the straight trees are cut first on the forest. Here have you notice the word “too” above mentioned ,instead of “too” chanakya says always use Ethics and commonsense.

4.Never share your secret with anybody it will ruins you

I think most of you know coca cola company. Coca cola is a soft drink formed by putting some ingredients  in water and changing it’s taste . This is general secret of  coco cola  , many company tried to copy coca cola but failed in their endeavor because of it secret formula.


 In our life also don’t ever share your secrets to your friends  , even to your lover / wife also . Because by sharing  the secrets  as the times changes situations and circumstances also changes so peoples also get change . That is the friends you are thinking now may become your enemy on another time . In business also it is advisable  that don’t share the trade secrets  . Because peoples will provoke you to tell it by hammering on your weakness .




 For example  if you are very fond of eating new dishes then your friends will arrange it for you after that they will ask about it  . So never share  not only your trade secret but all your secrets to others, it will destroy you.

5.Stay away from depressed and sad people.

Fifth point is stay away from depressed and sad people because  those who does not believe himself or herself and fall on negative  thoughts will become depress and sad. for example suppose I suggest one of my unemployed  friend who is giving tuition to 10th  standard students   , then I asked him why don’t you start an you tube channel about 10th standard subjects. 


He said  one day if all of the students in a year studied all  ,through my you tube channel then where does I will go to gain more knowledge to put new videos on my you tube channel, then what I will do? . For a while I will also  got confused , but in real these are negative thoughts of my friend who is already in depression and put me on depression .


 These are the peoples so called cynic because their perception on anything in their life is negative rather than positive . See what you feed your body and mind so shall it become either strong or weak . As I said above if you keep in touch with cynic peoples eventually you also become cynic .


See another example a damaged or rotten tomato in a cartoon will also make rotten other tomato in the cartoon, like this a negative man will also make negative or de motivate others around them  . So stay away from this type of peoples. Remember chanakya does not said don’t help this  peoples instead just stay away from this type of peoples only.


6.The worlds biggest power is youth and beauty of a women.

Do you know why most of the company take young and beautiful lady as a receptionist . It is none other than to attract more business  that is why in Airplane also beautiful young ladies are working as air hostess .


 As you know  Old and experienced  peoples are  selected for higher posts or any posts require  more experience only . For example you may see the job advertisement  in media saying young and energetic man  required.


Young employees can bring fresh perspective and a different way of thinking  to your business  . Most young workers are eager to learn ,build their experience and apply their skills in the workforce . This enthusiasm is great for team building , productivity and workplace moral .


More over young peoples get adaptability   to work for long hours than aged peoples . This is the one of the main reasons so that job recruiter tends to choose young and attractive peoples in their professions.

7.Even If a Snake is not poisonous it should pretend to be as venomous

As a business man may be you have to meet small business man as well as big business man  as a part of your business life  and have to  deal with them accordingly.


 For example when you are dealing with financially  rich big business man  , may be his products are of low quality  so don’t talk or expose their products in a bad way so that you get loss future benefits from him  . You know some times  valuable contacts make  you prosper your business .


 So  build up more valuable contacts even if you are small business man . In other words project yourself high in front of other big business dealers .  Like this you have to know how to deal with different type of people in business. That is why chanakya says” If a Snake is not poisonous it should  pretend to be as venomous ”.

8.An egoist can be won over by being respected , A crazy person can be won by allowing him to behave in an insane manner ,a wise men can be win by over truth.

In business may be you have to deal with different types of peoples as well as you have to make some of them happy  also . Our great Scholar acharya  chanakya  says treat different people differently. As a business man you have to know how to  behave with different clients.  


In our life we see ,talk and behave differently on different  occasions depending on our emotions and circumstances  .  we do not behave on employees not as we behave in our homes like this change your behaviour according to the situations which will benefit to you w with least consequences  .


That is an egoist can be won over by being respected , A crazy person can be won by allowing him to behave in an insane manner ,a wise men can be win by over truth.

9.Behind every friendship there is a self interest.

You know self interest refers to actions that elicit personal benefits . Economist Adam smith was primarily the first person to study self interest in economics . He says that self interest can be both a psychological and economic term . In general it refers to individual actions and behaviours that provoke positive personal benefits .


 Ok these are some facts about self interest  , just move on . It is true in business also  that is behind every friendship there is a self interest. For example if you are a business man and one of your friend gives you costly gift item then you can imagine there is self -interest behind this gift ! which  will come later .



So think before accepting any thing freely in your life so that later you will not get regret for it. You get know there are also a small number of trustable peoples around you in later stage in our life . We may misunderstand them in them in the beginning .

10.He who gives up shyness in monetary dealings, in acquiring knowledge , in eating and in business lives a happy life.

It is true never show a shyness while dealing with money , acquiring knowledge , while eating  and in business .  When we deal with money if it is with your relatives follow the same procedures as a money lender does that is take a sign on agreement paper or some guarantees so that it will force them to pay back and  you can give back when then deal is over.


In the case of eating why do show shyness in front of guests  after all food is made to eat so eat in a discipline  manner never show shyness if you want food for second time . In the case of acquiring knowledge ask whatever doubts arise in your mind  .


It is said that if you ask doubt you become fool for few moments but if you never ask the same doubt , you will remain fool forever . Last in the case of business don’t show shyness for receiving money  in front of your friends and your relatives , after all business is business . May be you can able to give some discounts for some times  but not always if they repeated do business with you .


That is why chanakya says  those who gives up shyness in monetary dealings , In acquiring knowledge , In eating and In business lives a happy life.


Hope you enjoy this blog post very much . Please don’t forget as I said above to share , comment and subscribe so that you can able to read more blog posts on days ahead.

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