Do you Know Successful policies?

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NIne SuccessFull Policies
NIne SuccessFull Policies

Hi guys welcome to back my blog . Every one in life want to become success but few ones achieve it . Do you know success is journey not a destination  , some peoples when they achieve it  become more exultant and may loss their control and again fall down. On the other side  some learn more from it and become more confidant  and achieve more success in their life . So each time they got success they achieve more success . That is why as I said above success is a journey not a destination.  In this post I will  talk about the nine  policies of  the successful peoples  which follow on in their  success journey. ok then let’s start


This is the one of the attitude most successful people would keeps always. They see each aspects of the life in a positive specs  that is in any adversity they will found the seed of success. if they fail in their attempts they will think  I  am one step near to success. For example Have you ever heard about great scientist Thomas Alva Edison , once a new s reporter ask him are you mad that  you need 10,000 experiments to invent incandescent lamp. Thomas Alva Edison reply him with  positive gentle words  , do you know what did he say . He said I admit I conduct 10,000 experiments to invent incandescent lamp and also I got know 10,000 ways it can’t work . See what positive mental attitude of Thomas alva Edison   . That is why  I am saying  keep a positive mental attitude always and I am sure many  good  miracles  will happen on your life. Always Remember great people find opportunities in difficulties  where as ordinary people find difficulties in opportunities.


second thing of the successful people is passion. First up all we have to  get know what is passion . The work  which is  more enjoyable and lovable to one is called passion . For example if you are more passion about dancing which means you  would got enjoy and love to dance without   boring  . I am more passion about writing blog posts that’s why I am write blog posts. Remember without passion you can’t achieve anything  in your life , because  passion creates action.  If you chase success without passion I am sure you  will entangle in difficulties , which creat  more painfull  days in your life  ahead.


Third P in which successful would had is   doing  something with a  Purpose .  For example I am writing blog posts to improve my writing skills and   shoulder others problems thorugh my posts is one of my purpose and also become good blogger is another purpose . For this I will have to  read many books is my another purpose  to create better content for my viewers .  As you know every living being on the earth will have a purpose for us or for the nature.

  • Planning

To execute our purpose one should have to plan before other wise our most valuable time will be lapse. As you know the proverb “ Time and tides waits for no men “. So to utilize the time in an efficient manner one should have to plan well. Here you can use 80/20 Rule that is spend 20% of the time for planning and  80% for executing it .   In execution again you can adopt 80/20 rule that is find the top 20% percent work which will meet your overall planning then execute it . Remember “Proper planning prevents poor performance”.

  • Pragmatic

This is the fifth ‘P’ the successful carries always in their path to success.

pragmatic means  realistic  or say  is it possible . For example I say I will  become American president  next year  . Have you think  does it make any sense , No . That is why I am saying see the world practically . In simple words  think about which is possible or realistic . For example  I say  will become billionaire in a month . It is not possible to become a billionaire in a month .  In short always think   practically .

  • Prioritise

Priority means doing things in an right order according to their importance. For example today you want to see your mother in hospital and yesterday you gave promise to your wife  to go for outing  . In these situation what you will do . why do you think so much go to hospital then do some  other things . Like this  prioritize each work you have to do .  successful people always prioritize their  work they have to do.

  • Put in writing

The next thing is to write your goals , thoughts , incidents on a diary . This is one of the traits of the successful people. when you write you become more sharp  to do things because writing  makes more  clarity than words . successful peoples always write their aims , goals , projects in advance so that they would got a clear planning what to do next . for instance sending mail is more effective than chatting  on phone because while writing you are more clear about your thoughts . like wise when you read a book write down the main points so that you can refer later . Now a days new generations guys are  very busy in writing  on unnecessary things . For example they are busy in social media  for chatting such as facebook , whatsapp , twitter , instagram etc. Always remember written words tells more than words and it shows your thought clarity  , you get more confidence because you got know where you to have go in life . As you know  when you  spend writing  on unnecessary things  your valuable time  will goes . Remember the proverb  “ time and tides waits for no men “.

  • Pay the price

It means if you want achieve anything in   your life you have to pay for it . For example now I am using a Samsung phone and I wish to buy a iphone  I have to pay for it else I can’t get it . Like wise if you want to achieve a dream or anything in your life then you have to pay for it . Most of the people want to achieve their dreams or want  to buy something  but not willing to pay .Then how does it possible  to achieve without paying . So get ready  to  pay for  your dreams because you are liable for it else you can’t .

  • Preservance

Preservance means that try continuously until your goal is achieved .  Some of you heard about the great scientist Thomas alva Edison , he conduct  10,000 experiments  to invent incandescent bulb. How many of you do like this ? He continuously tried so that he achieve his goals . It’s a great lesson of preservance . Swami Vivekananda also once said  if you want to achieve anything  in your life then “ try , try ,try ,try again and again until your goal is achieve. For example let’s take our nature  birds build their nests , when a storm or heay rain occurs it will fall down  but birds don’t forget to build again . like this when you try again and again definitely one day you will reach your goal. Remember always “ Success may delayed  but it cannot be denied”. These are the nine policies successful always keep.

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