Conscious Googling

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Now a days are going on Covid , I think some of  you spend in homes or some do their work at home online . Naturally people may spend their times online on news  , on social media or on googling , or on some other works . while on googling  you have to remember certain things because opportunists will make of the opportunity online .

 As you know about google , one of the top search engine in the world. some of you don’t know about conscious googling , that is what are the things we should keep in  mind while searching . If we look Google closely then we can able to know that it is a just a search engine platform for providing information that  you  get on your search keywords .

It actually works on an algorithm which  may change frequently  for their privacy and safety . Some peoples believe that for any doubt they will get an instant answer  on google  . If you are one of them then you are wrong . There is a saying there is nothing new under the sun , it has all been done before . So we have to find out the right facts under the  sun  .

 Some peoples believes that everything they want under sun is possible on google . This is a false notion that most of the people don’t know about it. Like this when you are chatting on whatsapp there are some cyber laws one should have follow else they will fall in endanger.  Are you  sure when you  googling  the result you get 100%  trusty worthy .

No , not at all because the result you get may contain relevant information but some are trusty worthy but some are fake information . So the question is not how to find right information on google , but stay away from the fake information which will put you in endanger  both physically and mentally or filter out the right information from the google search results.

 some times you may get in jail or will charge against you under cyber law. So  what’s the solution for it or how we restrain it for better , I think  now these are the question revolving around your head ok no problem just read on . In this post I will try my best to give some tips relevant  on google search called googling , that is what are the things you should consider while googling  on net.

  1. Online Banking portal

I think some of you had at least one bank account. But some times we may like to do online banking on our account to save our time. So that we do search on google for online banking portal of our bank . And we get lots of web portals of our bank in google search . With out second thought we may surf the website  on  google search results.

 Some times we enter our valid information on fake website called web phishing .  which may fall in wrong hand (hacker ) and they do whatever they want , some times they  with draw some money from your account, do online purchasing or use card payment on supermarket’s / hypermarket’s  apps like this goes on.

 For example I had a bank account on SBI (state Bank Of India) and I do want online banking  on SBI Bank. I search the key word SBI on line banking websites . I got many results relevant to SBI on line banking . Suppose the original web portal of SBI online banking is Https://  and you got many search results among them one is like this (fake address) whether it may appear on top or on middle on the search result called web phishing or Spoofing  .

web phishing is nothing but making a  fake address of the original one and try to get information from bank account holders to do their illegal activity.   some times by accidently you click on this fake address and you gave your valuable information on it.

On the other side hackers get your information of your bank account and will do their part on original web site of your bank .  So always do not search  online banking websites on google unless you got an authorized web site address from your bank else you will cheated . Remember there are lot’s of case are reported on web phishing.

  • Government web portals and Social media portals

 While searching  most of the time don’t search any government web portals  or social media platforms on google because as I said above you may subject to webphishing . If you really want search then use their authorized website address or make sure you are surfing on their authorized websites  else your data will pass on  scammers/hackers hand and rest of the thing you can’t imagine it.

  • Customer care numbers or Help lIne numbers

Whenever you purchase a thing from a shop you can see their customer care number on their catalog ,receipts or bills . Suppose  you missed  the customer care number of your newly brought fridge and want to know  it . Naturally majority of people will search on google and you may give your name , address, E mail Id , mobile number etc on fake site . In which they sell your data to some other company for financial gain or will do their illegal activity , sometimes  you may get hack also. So don’t search customer care number on google or make sure that you got customer care number from authorized compan’s website.

  • Apps and third party tools

When you download any apps or any third party software tools from net , have you ever think how much trusty worthy these apps and tools you downloaded . I pretty sure most of you didn’t think about it . For example if you want to download a whatsapp  app or any other game app , the same thing available in google play store as well as in internet .

 If you download from play store please turn on play protect  on play store settings which will help from harmful apps else harmful apps  may cause you problems . If you download from net 90%  chances are you get app with malicious code which may access contact details ,whatsapp chatting , your call log , acess your gallery , camera like this list goes on.

So whenever you download any things  from net make it sure it is from trusted source else you will subject to many problems both technically and mentally or you will got hack .

  • Diseases  symptoms and Medication

second thing is while searching on google don’t search about any diseases and it’s symptoms . For example you are suffering from head ache , you search on google “ what are the symptoms indicating headache “. Google will show thousands of  results relevant to your search word , some result says it is  begining  symptom of  migraine ,some  says you are suffering from alzeimers  , stress ,depression, brain tumor , cancer etc .

if you read all this result you will get scare and  confuse. you can consider google as a guide but not as a doctor . So for any disease you are suffering better to consult a doctor than googling on your disease else you will fall in endanger.  Like this don’t search any medication on google because for one common disease it will show thousands of medication .

if you rely on this medication  and buy medicines than consulting a doctor surely over time you will subject to many health problems .

  • Criminal relevant information

This is also very important thing while google searching  , that don’t find any information relevant to crime . As I said above some believes for any doubt or anything want to create they don’t know  they will get relevant information on google.

For example I can search how to kill a person easily , how to make pressure cooker bomb , how to blackmail someone , how to do bank robbery, how to hack someone facebook , whatsapp easily like this I can search many things on net. One thing you should have to remember that there is a team watching your all online activity on net , they may follow you , may arrest you for your illegal activity under cyber law .

 In case if you got not arrest , suppose in future if you are one of the suspects in a crime then they will check your google search history depending on that they if they found any criminal relevant search on google then they will put you jail under cyber act.

  • Financial Information

As I said above about in  diseases and health you may get many irrelevant information’s about finance. For example suppose you don’t have much knowledge about share market and online trading ,  have enough money and want to invest in share market or on online trading . Naturally  you will search on google ‘which is the best company to invest for more returns’  or ‘which is the best platform for online trading’  , or ‘where should I invest money for more returns ‘.

 For this google will show many results some of the results says if you invest now one lakh rupees after 3 months you will get 3 lakh rupees , some says invest Rs 20000 on this company you will get 2 lakh after 6 months like this you can able see many results .

Investments are two types short term and long term short term are below five years and long term are  five years or above five years. Remember there is no shortcut formula to get more returns on your investment within very very short period .  so these results are all fake so should stay away from it else you will get lose your money and time.

If you really want to invest your money then consult a financial planner / trade broker from a reputed company means from a authorized company.

  • Phobias on dangerous things  and Human birth

It is related to psychology  that is while googling keep in mind don’t search any dangerous things online. for example suppose I search on google ‘which is the dangerous bird on earth’ or  ‘which is dangerous insects on earth’.

it will shows many  results . some results shows it’s exaggeration of original , among them some  results says spider is the most dangerous thing on earth . After reading and viewing this false information and  whenever you see a small spider in your house you will get scared and may subject to  unnecessary phobia .

Next I want say specifically for women . Like this don’t search human birth on google which shows  very dangerous videos and picture relevant to human birth . After seeing this videos and pictures many times it will create unncessory phobias  in your mind .

 As I said above you can consider google as guide not a doctor , at  this point I want  to say one more thing that is don’t ever search the keyword “cancer and it’s symptom” on google , because it will shows many results among them some may say that our common diseases such as  fever ,cold , allergies ,pains etc are also a symptom’s of cancer .

 After reading and viewing this false information ,over time it will create unnecessary phobias in your mind  and may subject to real cancer  on law of attraction. So be aware on cancer. One more thing I want to say last is don’t search “lungs of smoking people”.

For example suppose you are smoker and you google the search key word “lungs of smoking people” you will get many exaggerated pictures of lungs and information by reading and viewing this few times , you may subject to unnecessary phobias .

  • Ecommerce website , Offers And Coupon codes.

Google is flooded with many  fake Ecommerce websites with very attractive offers. Try not to search Ecommerce websites and offers on google  until you are sure about companies authorized websites because scammers or hackers get your banking information from web phishing do their part. Like this don’t search coupons on net , some fake websites will give you discount  coupon codes instead they steal your valuable data.

Remember while searching / googling  make it sure  surfing on authorized websites and stay away from web phishing.

 second thing make sure the URL of the website contains https:// it shows secured connection .

Third  to prevent scams always OTP are required to send money than to receive money.

Fourth Install a good Antivirus (internet security ) on your system from a trusted party or authorized websites, think your data is more valuable than money.  Below are the some of the books and Antivirus you can refer for more  details  and protection . These are the things I know about safe googling , if you know more about it share with me . Definitley I will update this post with your data.


Hope you enjoy this post and  don’t forget to share among your circles and do comment and give your valuable feed back.

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