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Hi Guys once again welcome back to my blog . As you know we are social animals living in a society . So naturally we interact with many types of peoples  around us some are neighbors , some are our relatives and some are our close friends . Among them some are good peoples by which we like and some are bad peoples for which they trouble us so that  we dislike them .

 In this post I am going explain  to avoid some types of peoples who cheat us  for which we doesn’t  need their support and friendships.  Here I going to tell you the ten characteristic of these peoples you need to know and avoid  before they become a huge barriers in your life . Before beginning  make sure that you doesn’t have  any of the following characteristics else your friends will ignore or avoid  you .

 Ok let’s see what are the ten character of the bad people who will cheat us. I know some of us  may do the following characteristics for some times. But I am going tell you to  avoid friends or peoples whose common nature falls under the following category .

  1. who make profit by exploiting us

we should avoid people who make profit and exploit us . For example some of our friend use our vehicles  or any other properties they want from us but in return they will not ready to give any of the things  belongs them . see another example some of your friends always not willing to  pay bills while  at coffee shops , restaurants  ,  for movie tickets .

They always try to profit from us . So identify  this types of peoples you may know  which comes under this category and ignore or discard them . Because we can’t expect any help from this category of peoples . There is a proverb “ friend in need is a friend  indeed”  yes it is true as I said above.

  • who Humiliate and hurt us

 In this second category  of peoples are little bit dangerous . Normally in our friends group we say jokes , do pranks , kiddings  and make funs each other but without intentionally hurting others. people belongs to this category will make fun , say jokes by hurting words to another  person in your friends circle intentionally.

Most of the time they make fun us by saying hurting words relevant to our body parts. For example a person A says his friend B your ear is very big like elephant . like this they say your belly stomach is same like Frogs . In the same way they hurt not only you but your other friends also. So it is better to avoid  friends or  any other persons belongs to this category .

  • Gossips or Rumours

These are the peoples who tells us more about others peoples story in their negative perceptions  .Mostly they talk ill of others more often.  For example person A is telling to person B about  persons C that is he / she misbehave all times so I don’t like him ,  did you know nancy get pregnant before marriage , like this they talk more about  other peoples . 

Now you think it is good to hear news about others but be aware tomorrow in your absence he/ she will talk about you  to others. Remember every man will have their own some weakness and secrets  . If you told about your weakness and secrets to this type of peoples tomorrow he she will tell to others  . So  avoid this category of peoples from your circle. 

  • Gossips by peeping others.

In this category of peoples will  dig others life than their own life . For example they talk about  other people’s negatives ,  life  incidents , foolishness like this they dig more other’s peoples life and present in negative form to others. As I said above this category of people comes under gossip category that is third category.

  • A  friend in need a friend indeed

The title reads like a proverb yes it is a proverb in all means. In this category of people gives company to you always whenever your are in good condition . But in your miserable condition they will left you and again gives company to you when you recover from miserable conditions. 

For  example you got admitted in a hospital for a accident and your cheater  friend  will visit first few days and then gives some excuse for his / her depart  . Again this friend will become  close to you after your recovery. so don’t believe this type of and stay away from this type of friends . They will take benefit from you when you are financially sound .

  • Unhappy people

These are the peoples who is moody always. That is they didn’t get enjoy at any moment . for example some people become happy when they get eat  their favorite foods or travel to some new places or they get enjoy by seeing a new movie . But unhappy people neither get enjoy on any things  nor satisfied by any thing.

we can say this type of peoples are cynic and reservoir of negative energy. Avoid friendship with this type of peoples because one day you will get the habit of them.

  • Jealousy people

In this category of people got jealous of  others prosperous and say gossips of others . For example suppose your friend ramu’s common nature is jealousy then he is always jealous on other people’s achievements , property ,success  and will say some gossips about it .

suppose when  he saw a beautiful house of your  neighbor  then he will comment either the house owner is  gazette ranked government employ or any real estate man  got rich by bribe. avoid this type of friends from your friends circle whose common nature is jealous  so that you can’t get the habit of him / her.

  • Time wasters

These are the friends or peoples who waste our valuable time. you can find many  types of this  peoples around us. Their common nature is kill others time. for example suppose your friend ramu whose common nature is time wasting , whenever  you call him to go somewhere then he will tell you  just five minutes I will be back but after five minutes , 10, 30 minutes or even an hours  later he will not come back with you and your trip get postpone and spoil your day.  These types of peoples doesn’t have any aim or  goals in their life .So avoid this types of friends or peoples from your circle.

  • Leg pullers

These types peoples pulls your leg back . For example one of your friends common nature is pulling leg and you say him /her tomorrow I am going to buy a new car , suddenly he /she will say some negative of your words, say he / she will say now a days road accidents are raising day by day so don’t buy car .

Like this he / she always comment negatives of your success or prosperous instead supporting  called leg pullers. The common nature of leg pullers is they pull back your leg in all count concerning your either success or prosperous. So better to avoid this types of peoples from your friends circle.

  1. Excuse makers

This is the last but not least  types of peoples  who always give some convincing excuses so that you  believe on his or her excuses .  For example one of your friend raju whose common nature comes under this category  and when you delegate some work of your personal deed then he  will give some convincing  excuses  of your work  get postpone .

like this whenever you empower some work to this types of peoples they will not do always instead they give you some convincing excuses of your work . if you have or may know this types of peoples in your circle  then don’t wait for  second thought avoid him from your friends circle.

Ok guys these are the ten types of cheaters you may find around us whose common nature comes under above one of the category.

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