3 Necessory quality to live in modern world

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3 Necessory quality to live in modern world

Hi guys welcome back to my blog . while jogging in the morning  one of my friend asked me how to live in this destructive world. At first i think that he is kidding later i think that there is some thing in his question. Have you heard about the Destructive  technology , Destructive Innovation . Destructive technology is the technology  that our older technology get out dated.

For example some of heard about the film photography in early days now it is replaced by Digital photography. Here our old filmy photography  get replaced by  digital  photography like this our old technology get  destructed by new technology . so guys these are the things happening now around the world .

lets  see the what are the things one need to live in this destructive world , one can’t able to use the same technology forever because after 5 or10 year technology get update . The first far most thing to do is to adapt with new technology. Today i am going to give you three tips how to live in this destructive world lets see what are they.

1. ADAPTABILITY                                                                     adaptability  is the first quality to live in this modern world .That is one have to get update with the new technology . For example in our early days teachers doesn’t  know how to use computer ,  digital equipment now the scene is changed because they should know then only they can teach students . see another example as you know about the NOKIA  company get vanished from the scene because when customer start using ANDROID technology they get not adapt with their own new technology.


one should need curiosity to innovate new things . For example when I heard about Android I used search engine to know more about the android . Here my curiosity leads to me to know more about it . so curiosity is necessary to live in this in this modern world so as one get updated with new technologies to live in this modern world .


Collaboration  is the third quality that one need to leave in this modern world. collaboration skill is one of the skill that need to work  with others . In the beginning a company will see the collaboration skill of employs . That is one need to co operate with other  worker in the same company so as to pull out their maximum efficiency. Do you know cooperation  , efficiency  and productivity  are the byproducts of  collaboration . for example what happens in company meeting  / Board meeting  they are taking decisions by collaborating with the other members in the  family.

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