3 Common poisons found in every kitchen

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Today I wish why don’t I give some health tips to all my readers so that they can improve their diet consciously . As you know  the proper nourishment of body needs regular exercise and proper diet. some of you know that our body and mind are interconnected that means if  any change in body reflects on our mind likewise  any change in mind (depression , anxiety , freight, hypertension etc) reflects on our body . For example when we  talking about our diet many of you knowingly or unknowingly eats three common white poisons  which kills us slowly over time.


There is a saying “all the glitters are not gold “ , same is true in the case of food . That is all the tasty foods are not good for our health . In restaurant most of food cooked by adding little bit of ajinomotto for taste And displayed in different colours and flavors to attract customers  .

 But most of you don’t know about the truth behind this types of  foods that we consume in our daily diet . For example people eats bread /poratta  made from  white flour , similarly people add more sugar on desserts , teas , juices , cakes , biscuits , doughnuts , muffins , chips , cereals , cookies , pie crust , pizza crust like it continues .  ok guys these are some facts about the food we eat . In this blog post I want to mention three common poisons found in every kitchen so that  we do eat unknowingly and eventually it will many health problems in our daily life . Don’t forget to share and subscribe my blog so that I will get motivate to come up with new interesting blog posts .Now let’s examine what are these three white poisons .


In the first place it comes sugar that we get use daily in our life  . There are  some facts one should have to know about sugar that we are eating unconsciously . The very first thing is  sugar and glucose are not same  where as sugar . Sugar is also known as sucrose .  It  is a combined form of glucose and fructose  called diasacchrides . In other words a single sugar is a combination two monosacchrides ( glucose and fructose ) . Some of the functions of the body is carried out with the help of blood contains gl. So blood needs certain sugar level or glucose level  to perform it’s normal functions .

when the sugar enters in our small intestine there is  enzyme called sucrase which split the combined form of sugar into two independent parts called glucose and fructose. which set on lever . Later liver transform the fructose into  glucose , glycogen and fat  . glucose provide energy for cells , where as chemical called glycogen is store in liver for later uses energy supplier   . The glucose set in liver is transformed into glycogen Thus glucose get in blood which provide  instant energy  to our body cells that is why we feel energized to do our work.


Sugar is a basic unit of a energy that our body needs to perform it’s functions. In other words for our every action needs the support of glucose , for example for sleeping , breathing , walking , or doing some other physical activities.


 All Plants  are comprised of carbohydrates  that is why sugar is found in tissues of plants so that fruits and vegetable get sweet taste . In our body structure glucose is found in the form carbohydrates .Mostly sugar is converted to carbohydrates by our digestive system to support our daily activities . Another fact is eating more  sugar  will release the hormone dopamine which makes us feel good that is why after eating chocolates we got tempt to eat o more chocolates. In a study it reports  those who consume sugar more  looks old as compare to those who less consume .


In other word those who with high blood sugar level looks old as compare to low  blood sugar level .That is peoples with high blood sugar looks old than low blood sugar.


As general rule of thumb limit the use of sugar as possible as much . It is advise to consume sugar 7 to 10 table spoon for men and 6 to 7 table spoon for women daily.  Use sugar of low calorie value that we brought from markets . There is a simple idea  , for this check the nutritional  label on food stuff  and see which ends on “ose” ( glucose , fructose , lactose , dextrose , galactose etc ) which contains low calorie value .


Remember a energy drink can contains 15 – 17 teaspoon of sugar . Even you can use some substitute for sugar which contain low calorie value  , such as stevia , natural sweetners , honey , maple syrup , molasses , monk fruit sweetner , xylitol . Do you know our brain needs sugar of 350 to 400 calorie value for it’s functioning .


 It is better to avoid artificial processed food contain sugar without any nutrition but eat  natural food such as fruits , vegetable , honey , dates etc contains some nutrition. It is better to use some sugar alternatives to protect  your body  from many diseases . palm sugar or honey is also a best alternative to sugar . Ok guys these are some facts about sugar that we are using unknowingly.


  • For taste we used in foods .
  • provides instant energy to cell via glucose present in blood   .


  • It decay our tooth.
  • sugar contain no nutritional value , no minerals , no proteins , no fiber
  • sugar makes you hungry
  • Addiction of sweet foods , the more you add sugar in your diet the more likely use often . Eating more sugar foods releases Dopamine. which is the chemical which control the brain reward and which makes us feel well.
  • Increase blood pressure , risk of heart attack .
  • May cause Dementia.
  • sugar cause acne on face and body because of the glycemic index .
  • Sugar cause muscle and join pain.
  • Sugar cause obesity because .
  • makes look older.

W H I T E    F L O U R

Now a days many food items are made from white flour which is nutrition less but peoples are not aware of it .  for example Bread , pizza , burger , donuts , momos ,poratta are some of the items made from white flour . And also peoples make many tasty and crispy food items from white flour during festival season . Actually white flour made from wheat in other word the waste of wheat is called white flour .


If we closely look at the anatomy of a grain we can find three sections such as outer portion of the  is called the bran which contain fiber , vitamin B minerals and proteins , most often subject to damage ,  then the middle one called endosperm contains carbohydrates , vitamin B and proteins.


 The lower one is called the germ contains vitamin B, vitamin E , Antioxidants , trace minerals and healthy fats. The germ is the portion in which farmers used to fix on grain fields for the next  grain harvest.  In short grain contains healthy fats , antioxidant , minerals , proteins, vitamin B , vitamin E and fiber.

After refining wheat grains  we get wheat flour , but after heavy refining and processin the wheat flour we get nutrient less white flour . The science of this is when wheat grain is used in  refining  process then it’s outer portion bran and lower portion grain get destroy and the middle portion endosperm is left  .

 These endosperm get damage after refining  process that is refined flour does not contain endosperm  so that the nutrient present in endosperm  get loss. Peoples in village  grind the wheat by hand in  their home so that it’s  nutrients  get not loss  than we get wheat flour from mills  .

 Refined white flour  is danger to  our stomach , heart , brain and intestine  because after refining it contains not nutrients . Do you know  nutrient less white flour is one of the cause of belly fat , acidity , fatty liver  , tiredness , diarrhea and stomach ache. so avoid to buy white flour / atta (grain powder). Instead use some alternative flours against white flour .


  • it is tasty to eat.
  • we can make many food products from whit flour such as piza, doughnuts, cookies, muffins,biscuits .


  • Regular consumptions of white flour subject to fromations of fatty liver , raise bad cholesterol in blood stream which may cause some other health issues such as weight gain, mood swings , high blood pressure and obesity .
  • contains no dietary fiber which promotes constipation.
  • white flour cause obesity
  • It increases blood pressure
  • it cause weight gain
  • cause mood swings.


As you know salt is an indispensable part in our daily diet. Mostly we  use salt  for taste in our diet and also our body need it for it’s  proper functioning .

The chemical name of salt is sodium chloride , sodium is the component we need to pay attention which cause our body negatively if the consumption level exceed the prescribed one. Doctors are recommended not to use more than six gram or one table spoon of salt . Mostly it depends on our body some body needs more some not . It is better to consult a doctor or nutritionist before using too much salt .

Salts are many types for example Himalayan pink salt , sea salt , table salt , kosher salt like this continues . Mostly peoples consider sea salt is consider as healthy salt as compare to table salt. Before get into deep let me explain what is the major difference between table salt and sea salt.Yes it is true sea salt contain more minerals as compare to table salt because sea salt is obtained from evaporating sea water or salt water lake with little processing  where as table salt is obtained from underground  and under goes heavy refining process having no minerals  . Sea salt is obtained from evaporating sea water or from  salt water lake with little processing depends on source . With little processing sea salt contains some minerals.


Most of the people not aware about the salt consumption in our diet. which plays a vital role in functioning of human body. Before we talk about salt we need to  understand what salt is , it’s  major role in functioning of the human body.


If you eat too much salt, the extra water stored in your body raises your blood pressure. So, the more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure. The higher your blood pressure, the greater the strain on your heart, arteries, kidneys and brain. This can lead to heart attacks, strokes, dementia and kidney disease.

Health authorities recommend between 1.5 and 2.3 grams of sodium per day. Yet, increasing evidence suggests that these guidelines may be too low. People with high blood pressure should not exceed 7 grams per day, but if you’re healthy, the amount of salt you’re currently consuming is likely safe. It is better to use some salt alternative to meet body recquirements .Not let’s see it’s pros and cons of salt .



  • Used for taste in foods
  • dry salt is used in salt therapy
  • sea salt which contian some minerals and improves vascular health
  • salt consumption regulate blood pressure .



  • Excess consumption of salt result in hypertension.
  • Excess salt consumption causes heart attack , dementia , strokes .
  • kidney stone , stomach cancer and obesity may cause due to more salty food for example pickles , dry fish .
  • Oseoporosis is  another  which affect our body negatively due to excess salt.
  • Too much use of salt cause nausea , fatigue , muscle cramps , restlessness and depressions.

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