10 Life Lessons From  Lord Krishna

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Hi  guys  once again welcome to my blog. There is a humble request please do  read this blog post until bottom line else you will miss a great part of this blog post .There are many life lessons in     Quran , Bible ,Budha’s teaching , Bhagavad Gita etc.  Today I came up with 10 key points that I learned and keep following in my life , that everyone should need to know in their life.


 I am giving this 10 key points from the Indian holy book  Shri Bhagavad Gita , which is written 5000 years ago. when you read bhagavad gita completely you will not get confuse in decision making or decision taking ,because it touch every aspects of our life. Decisions play very important role in our life.


some good decisions get you on the top of the ladder , some put you down on  the street  .I am sure  after reading this post  you will not get confuse on  taking decisions.   In the holy book Shri bhagavad Gita it is well written , the  tips for taking decisions .


 I respect all authors but  I think most of the books about self improvement  or decision making now available are the reflections of many holy books. If possible  read Bhagavad Gita once in a life because it gives right directions about every things , so that you will not get hitch anywhere in your life. Let us see how Shri Bhagavad Gita helps us for decision making .


Lesson 1: Feelings are temporary never take decisions on the basis of your feelings

In mahabarath battle Arjun feels disturbed and confused , he feels afraid of losing his cousins and his teachers. Then our universal mentor lord Krishna , the chariot of Arjun make his mind to fight against injustice no matter  if the opponents where your relative or your  teacher .


Lord krishna says don’t attach to any living or non living being so do your prescribed duties called dharma. So fight for justice don’t focus on your feelings , Lord Krishna said feelings are temporary it will fade away but your decisions change your destiny . How can one make  ensure the decision he / she  took on feelings become right or wrong .



 Most of the time decisions took on our feelings  become wrong.  So ignore our feelings and focus on our aim and prescribed duties of one selves. For example some students feel very good  and comfortable  while watching TV shows than studying lessons , so ignore our feelings and stay focus  on our aim and on our duties.


Remember whenever a serious problems occurs or when you subject to feelings of the moment or you feel you get sucked my emotions of the situation use the method to pause then think rationally and execute it diligently . This is the first step to become proactive.


Lesson 2: Avoid Decisions in Extreme emotions

In chapter 6 lord Sri Krishna says always keep our mind in balance. Take decision when your mind in balance . For example when your mummy is in extreme happy mood and if you ask something definitely she will give you than she is in very sad or in anger .


So don’t take any decisions when you are in extreme emotion and keep your mind in balance. To keep your mind in balance  take 30 times deep breath that is inhale deeply and hold for 4 to 5 seconds then exhale it slowly and remain in  4 to 5 seconds .


If you practice this more and more in a day you will not subject to any extreme emotions because when you are in any extreme emotion your natural breathing got disturbed so to keep your breath under control practice it daily 4 to 5 times. Use another method namely PCD(PAUSE  CLARIFY  DECIDE ).  That is when you are in very extreme emotion pause for a minute then think deliberately and then decide which benefits every one .


See another example a wife get accomplish their wishes  when  her husband is more happy than her husband in sorrow. There are good emotions (love , empathy , gratitude, caring,sympathy etc  )and also bad emotions (anger ,ego ,pride jealous , envy , depression , frustration etc) so develop your  good emotions at same time don’t fall on any bad emotions.


 For example Gratitude is not merely an emotion it is a way of life which can be learnt and practiced. We must prioritize the time to practice gratitude, and one of the many ways to do it is by writing a gratitude log daily .

For this you have to know about what is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Do you know there is a connection between our body and emotion which  are strong so that for every emotions raised on our body there is  an equitant emotional chemicals release to each and every cell of the body which will affect us either positively or negatively it’s all depending on our emotions. Remember our emotions can alter our perceptions. if you cannot control your emotions , you can’t control your money.

Lesson 3: Ask yourself  “Am I taking this decision in anger or attachment?”

Few years ago it is well written  in the best selling books of Stephen r covey “seven habits of highly effective people” that is to  be proactive always. But In the holy book Bhagavad Gita it is written 5000 years ago, that is don’t take any decision in anger or any attachment.


 In anger men’s can’t able to think clearly, his thoughts get blurred , even people committing murders ,quarreling ,suicides are all the result of this . In the same sense don’t take any decision in favor of your attachments unless it will meet your goal . For example he is my brother so don’t  take any decision in favor of him if he had done some thing wrong .  Serious attachment to any thing gives us very painful memories  because one if it get loss or passed away we can’t able to tolerate it .



So don’t attach to anything out of control else it will create big pain in our life .For example if a father loved his kids so much that is so attached to his  kids gives him very pain when the kids subject to any incurable disease or death . Take another example if a sports man practiced so much daily but in a sports event he got failed , naturally he feel guilty for him / her selves  because many hours of practicing he got failed so some times people get frustrated and stop practicing .


Here Lord Krishna says if you not get success in our first attempt keep trying in different ways so that one day success will fall on your feet. Remember Our great scientist Thomas alva Edison found incandescent bulb after conducting ten thousand experiments.


Lesson 4: Am i focusing only on the results?

Lord krishna says focus on your duty not in results because duty or action is in your hand but not it’s results. For example when your weight does not come down after few days of morning walk  so don’t get stop there continue on . When you do anything with faith continuously one day you will get the desired result. Don’t do anything with the prejudice of  its results , so come out from our comfort zone because change is law of our nature.


 For example in mahabarath battle  Arjun got disturbed by the thought of it’s result,  whether he will lose  his cousin brothers or not. This thought is argun’s comfort zone , lord Krishna said him don’t focus on results do your prescribed duty of dharma only . Thus lord Krishna made his mind to come out from his comfort zone. Think change is only constant and is good for every one. People says why all this happens to me  what I had done wrong  .


 Remember we can’t stop what ever happening on us but we can react proactively or deliberately without much consideration of it’s results.

Lesson 5: Whatever is done without faith, is useless

It is well written in  17th  chapter in Bhagavad Gita on 28th  verse. That is whatever we do without faith is useless this is the our 5th lesson. So before taking any decision think many times unless you believe on it . Take realistic decisions and have faith on yourself and in God also else you will end in danger.


Do you know Faith is a sublime motivator, and prayer, an expression of faith, accentuates the release of the driving force of one’s emotions. There is saying that faith can move mountains ahead. It is true in our life also . For example in a interview the interview panel of member check out your faith also , that is how much you believe in your selves .


Especially it is very very important in sales field because if one cannot believe or have  faith on themselves then how can he / she achieve the required target. Some peoples have their own natural faith on themselves where as some people need some motivation to bring it out because some people have more skill and natural talents but doesn’t have faith on them  selves .  


Autosuggestion is a one of the method we can use artificially to raise our faith. Remember Faith is only known antidote for a failure , there is no greater force in this  world than human will coupled with faith.


Lesson 6: Keep your Goals High

It is well written in  3rd chapter in Bhagavad Gita on 21th  verse . Whatever  a action of great men performs , common people will follow. why we consider Krishna as our God because his actions and reactions are totally different from common people , why? because  he kept his Goal more higher than a common man’s Goal. So while taking decisions keep your thoughts and goals high. For example if a bats man in cricket make a goal to score 300 runs in test match then only he can achieve at least century .



While aiming or making big goals  think practically . For example if I make a goal to make five crore profit a year  in my business , which is making five lakh profit monthly then how is it possible . If I make a goal to achieve 1 crore may be it will possible  .


So think practically before making any big goals .In other words make big  realistic goals to achieve in future . That is why our Indian scientist Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Azad said dream your goal big and chase it until it get done.


Lesson 7: What is good for the society is good for you

It is well written in chapter 3 in Bhagavad Gita , that is while taking decision keep in mind it should be benefit for the society also. If a decision impact  the  the welfare of the society very badly then definitely you will be suffer from this type of decisions . For example if you took a decision that may be benefit for you but not for  others , then ignore that decision. That is why our ancestor’s says what will work in  family will work every where.


In other word if a family follows the rule of synergy for the good intentions then it will benefits to whole society which benefits to whole states which in turn benefits to the whole nation.  


Lesson 8: Trust in the lord

Those who believe in God can lead  harmonious life . This is the 8th lesson which is well written in chapter 5 of Bhagavad Gita. In mahabarath battle arjun trust  lord Krishna’s words so that he won the battle and all of his illusions and delusions fade out from his mind. so be trust in  god and be grateful to your  lord.



Think that “whatever may be happen it’s lord’s wish” , so have faith in god and live harmoniously and always be honest  yourself so that people will trust you. Do your part of duty with full enthusiasm and energy if not get succeed then change the strategy and method and do it again like this keep a attitude of let go and god. Always keep a policy of trust that is “Trust,  but verify “. Remember If You Don’t Trust Someone, so  don’t do Business With Them. If you don’t trust        your boss, don’t work for him.” 


Lesson 9: Right Counseling  can lead better decision

Some times it is better to ask a third opinion from the respective field. For example if you are new in share market . Then ask and learn about share market  from the expert of this respective field  ,before investing  else you will loss your money and time also.


So don’t keep  any doubt in your mind  while taking any decision ,consider the opinion of experts or wise people . For example In Maharabarath battle Arjun is counseled by lord Krishna ,like wise in the case student he / she can counsel by his/her teacher , parents and friends . See right counseling at right time will lead you take better decisions.


Lesson 10: Read Shri Bhagavad Gita

Those who read Bhagavad Gita  knows , many times they find their solutions to their problems by opening the page of Bhagavad Gita  randomly. That is when you open the page of Bhagavad Gita randomly it contain verses , that is your solution to their problem .while reading Bhagavad Gita Lord krisna gives you an opportunity to dig yourself more deeply.


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